What Would Superman, Iron Man And Captain America Wear If They Were Born In Renaissance-Era? Must See Pics!!!

If modern-day superheroes and sci-fi characters wore costumes that were appropriate during the Renaissance, turns out they’ll still look way cool.  At least, that’s the case with Sacha Goldberger's Super Flemish collection of photographs, which documents a series of Renaissance-themed cosplay that just blows the mind.

These images, which look like Renaissance-era paintings, aren’t Photoshopped, by the way.  Instead, these are actual unaltered photographs, with all the elaborate work performed (likely, by a team of stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, models, and whatever other skilled personnel are needed) during the shoot.

Super Flemish covers a wide array of characters from comic books (Batman, Superman, Iron Man), sci-fi films (Vader, Princess Leia, C3PO), and even classic fairy tales (Snow White, Alice).  While the costumes obviously do a lot to create the Renaissance-era look and feel, the rest of the magic is achieved using organic styling and photography tricks.  Really, the Carrie Fisher and Christopher Reeve lookalikes don’t actually look like those two actors (pictures on Sacha’s website of the models standing right next to their cosplay portraits) – their appearances were achieved using skillful makeup and lighting techniques.

Sacha Goldberger exhibited the photographs at the Grand Palais in Paris.  A big thanks to Sacha for letting us use these awesome photographs! You can check out Sacha's website to see even more collections.























6 Responses

  1. Heather Smith

    This is hilarious! It’s so funny how it seems to work. Also amazing that these are not photoshopped–so much detail went into these photos! I especially like the Hulk and Wolverine! This needs to be shared.

  2. Comichead

    These are absolutely incredible photographs! Even if you donot like cosplay, these are classy as hell. Superman cosplay looks flawless. Are you sure that is not Christopher Revee reincarnated?

  3. Niam

    Absolutely gorgeous and painstakingly creative work of art! I love when artists put so much effort into something. The cosplay characters look as close to real life counterparts as they could.
    I understand photographs are not retouched but I am thinking they did go through Adobe Lightroom for some adjustments? Or did these photographs make it to the exhibition even without any lightroom tweaking?

  4. Stephanie

    These are really beautiful. Whoever designed the costumes and did the makeup have such a talent. No doubt this will inspire some creative angles on cosplay at pop culture conventions. I wonder if they’ll do any more?

  5. Kevin

    Hi Heather, Don’t be silly. There is no question that there was some post-processing via Photoshop or otherwise. Look closely – Robin’s face was reprocessed in some fashion. This does, in no way, take away from these photos breathtaking quality and attention to detail. Mr.Goldberger is clearly a master photographer by any measure.


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