Rihanna’s New Barracuda Sunglasses Is 100% Covered In Studs, Supposedly See-Through

Kanye West's sunglasses were ridiculous.  Rihanna's new pair from Jay-Z's “Run This Town” video, however, is even more inane. Called the Barracuda, the funky pair of tinted specs is decked in opaque-looking pyramid studs.

Fashioned by Kerin Rose's A-Morir label, the sunglasses look like a regular studded belt that's been cut off to fit in the head.  Seriously, it makes you look like a giant fly - at least, the way they looked in the movies.

The new eyewear is completely covered with slightly-distressed, hand-painted pyramid studs.  It's completely impossible to see any part of the eye, even the area surrounding it.  They're supposedly see-through too, which is pretty amazing (though, probably unhealthy for your eyes).  I wonder what the world looks like behind those multi-angled lenses?

Designed for clubwear and other equally funky occasions, there's no way you'll blend into the background wearing this.  Not sure what material the studs are made of, but they look tough.  That means extra protection, in case Chris Brown wants to try and beat your ass.

Tired of your Kanye West shades? The Barracuda is now available for pre-order from A-Morir.  It's available in black, gold and silver colorways, with a retail price of $350.  Shipments are scheduled for October.

Also if these glasses are too much for you, we found some deals on normal people barracuda sunglasses.

[A-Morir via High Snobiety]

Did you guys notice, we did not mention Chris Brown even once in this post.

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3 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Omg that is so weird! How can you even see through those glasses? I think it looks really stupid. Leave the belts where they are supposed to be.

  2. Rita

    I doubt you would be able to see anything properly with those glasses. You would be seeing everything in multiples like a spider! haha

  3. Zee

    Having looked at them on the A-MORIR site they actually looked qite fab if you ask me.. HOWEVER having actually seen what they look like ON a person does not inspire me to buy them. I think they’re more for the purpose of SHOW rather than looks. – definentely one of a kind, why not define your unique style?


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