Ripple Maker Lets You Print Foam Art On Top Of Your Coffee


Sure, you can use products like the Awa Taccino and the Cinnipen to make art on top of your coffee drinks, but we still have no idea how people make some of the more detailed latte art they produce. If you want to make the same elaborate milk foam art but don’t really have the skills nor the patience to pull it off, you can fake it soon enough with the Ripple Maker.

A machine that can print images on the foam at the top of your coffee cup, it lets you enjoy art on your coffee without any actual work or skill involved. Just place your freshly-made cup of joe on the device, choose an image to print, press a button, and wait 10 seconds for the “printing” to finish before taking a picture and posting on your Instagram for whatever jollies it gives you.

The Ripple Maker is a countertop device measuring 8.5 x 10.5 inches that uses a mix of inkjet and 3D printing technologies to inscribe imagery on foam. It features an adjustable compartment that can accommodate any cup or mug up to 7 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, so any of the usual items you use to hold your coffee should fit inside. An accompanying mobile app connects to the device over WiFi, allowing you to choose which image to print for each session. There’s also a dock on top, which looks sized to hold a standard 7-inch tablet.


Priced at $999, the Ripple Maker isn’t exactly something that makes practical sense for home kitchens. For commercial establishments who serve copious amounts of lattes and cappuccinos daily, however, this could very well prove to be a valuable asset. Units start shipping in September.

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2 Responses

  1. cook

    I guess this is the ultimate coffee gadget for the most snooty coffee drinker. lol The demo image on the coffee looks like Robin Thick – I hope they don’t have one of Miley Ray. Oh my!

    I’ve never drank coffee with artwork on top of it. I’m guessing you stir it up before you drink it. What is that paint made out of?

  2. maxine

    This is so sweet (LITERALLY!) and I can’t believe they came out with something like this! I always wondered how they make the cool ripple-effect designs in the coffees at Starbucks by-hand, but this just goes a million steps further! Imagine if the local coffee-shops starting using these. I think it would be really cool, and I can’t tell from the description here, if you could literally just snap an image of something with your camera-phone and transfer that data in itself to the machine-device to create the print on your next coffee. It’s definitely not a cheap price, but it’s not a cheap product either. Besides, where or who else do you know that’s making something like this? I like how they made it to fit most average, to large size coffee mugs too–since I have a lot of different types and sizes of mugs. That’s crazy that it only takes 10-seconds to print!


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