Ripsaw EV2: Yes, This Is What A Luxury Tank Looks Like


Do you need a luxury tank in your life? Probably not. Did you recently see Mad Max: Fury Road and can’t help but desire a vehicle that looks like it belongs in that movie? Well, if you have enough zeroes in your bank account, the Ripsaw EV2 is probably the vehicle you had in mind.

Made by Howe and Howe, it’s a high-speed super tank originally developed for the military, but tweaked and commercialized for the high-end luxury market. And there’s no mistaking it for anything other than a military-grade beast, with a fully-armored body, large metal tracks, and stealthy matte black finish.


Designed to drive over every imaginable terrain, the Ripsaw EV2 couples the dual-tracked form factor with 12 inches of suspension travel, ensuring it can clear every obstacle in its path. Powered by a 600 horsepower diesel engine, it should run much faster than conventional tanks, allowing you to go anywhere without losing much in the way of speed. If you think the exterior is nuts, the inside is even crazier, with enough tech to look like a superhero is piloting it in a mission to save mankind. Heck, it even has gullwing doors.   Yes, a tank with gullwing doors!


Very few specs are actually listed on the official website, but that’s because each vehicle is built-to-order and completely customizable. That means, you can outfit it with whatever feature you like, although you’ll probably have to go the black market route if you want to weaponize it like a proper battle ride.


Available directly from Howe and Howe, the Ripsaw EV2 is priced in the six figures, with exact cost varying depending on customizations.

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4 Responses

  1. William

    Very impressive Gullwing doors! Love this, reminds me of a Lamborghini. While I can’t think of many uses for such a vehicle, I’m sure it’d be a fun toy to drive around in the mountains or in the desert–within reason. At the same time, I think such a vehicle would be easy to cause a scare, and that the manufacturer should use strict discretion when selling this vehicle to civilian (or non-govemrent) consumers. Why was the government contract abolished for this vehicle–anyone know? Looks pretty impressive. I don’t know how user friendly it looks, but it definitely looks durable and tough! I’m going to assume the starting price for one of these is easily $100,000-$150,000, depending upon the customizations. Pretty cool that the maker let’s you customize how you want it built. I’d get a panoramic sunroof and try to get it approved for taking on roadways and cruises down to the beach, but that’s just me. I mean come on, it’s not like we can go use it for War?

  2. Karen

    If I had my choice, I think a skateboard, backpack, and a milion rounds of 22’s would do me better than this bulky tank. I’m especially put off by it being such a high priced item. I can imagine John Travolta buying one of these and parking it next to his airplane.

  3. fisher

    karen i like how you put that. thats a lot of rounds and you could definitely do a lot of damage with them. you know, i get the sense that the kind of people that would buy and operate one of these vehicles would commonly be the same type of people who purchase(d) the Hummers when they were a big hit. overkill? yes. allowed to drive on roads? we’ll see with this one. i don’t know what the laws would look like with this kind of vehicle as far as taking it on the road goes, seems a bit dangerous. do you think this is the sort of vehicle to be able to climb up deep inclines, walls, etc? I can imagine having loads of fun with it out somewhere like west virginia as using it as a ‘mock’ amphibious assault vehicle lol.

  4. army joe

    I saw one of these the other day in a magazine and recognized it immediately! but seriously, the inside looks so sophisticated–like a bat mobile or something! i love how it can go sideways and up walls, etc. it’s like a SUPER-HUMMER! 600 HP is a ton of power, and is sure to get this baby moving pretty fast. how much does it weigh though? that’d be a better way to project probable speed and mobility on a vehicle like this. the suspension travel design is very unique, and not a technology that’s really been released to the public in the past as far as I’m aware. typically, vehicles like this need a special permit or license, and can only be driven on approve courses by the way^


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