Conquer Westeros With The New ‘Risk: Game of Thrones Edition’


It’s a long, long wait before Game of Thrones returns for its next season. What’s a fan who’s already binge-watched the entire series multiple times to do until then? We guess playing a game of Risk: Game of Thrones Edition should help tide everyone over.

Made by USAopoly, the officially-licensed board game brings Risk’s classic strategy gameplay to the quest for the Iron Throne. That way, you can skip spending your time in internet forums, pontificating about what future events may transpire during the series break, since you can play any of the seven houses and fashion your own adventure to decide the fate of the Seven Kingdoms.


Mimicking the show’s grand scale, Risk: Game of Thrones Edition comes with a whopping 650 game pieces that you can play on any of two separate game boards, one depicting the landscape of Westeros and another focusing solely on Essos.   Players can engage in any of three battles: Dominion (where you play as either House Martell, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Tyrell in the War of the Five Kings), Skirmish (House Targaryen versus House Ghiscari for control of Essos), and World at War (all seven houses playing across both maps in an all-out rumble). Players can track progress in every game via their ownership of territories, ports, and castles, along with victory points based on won battles. Other game features include character cards that let you use special battle skills for notable members of each house, territory cards for staking your claim on an area, Maester cards for added wisdom and tactical skills, special unit tokens for additional military deployment, and gold dragon coins.


Risk: Game of Thrones Edition will hit shelves in August, priced at $75.

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