Roadster Seatback Luggage Lets You Carry Garments Behind The Front Seat


When people bring garments they don’t want to fold or wrinkle into the car, they usually put them in garment bags that end up hanging on the “oh-shit” handles by the car ceiling. While that’s fine, it’s also annoying because you lose access to the window and won’t be able to see when something funny you can share on Facebook happens right outside. The Roadster Seatback Luggage offers an alternative.

A garment bag, it’s designed to hang from the headrest of the front seats, so you can carry suits, gowns, and other sensitive garments while keeping the windows uncovered. No more moving your garment bags to see what’s the source of the commotion outside – with this thing, you can stay perfectly aware of your surroundings, while you spend the ride hunched over playing Speedy Ninja over and over.

The Roadster Seatback Luggage is large enough to fit a pair of full-length overcoats, making it ideal for transporting garments from a shop or tailor straight to the house. Meant to function as a travel bag, it comes with extra pockets, so you can keep your business suit in the main compartment, while throwing in shirts, shoes, and other accessories onto the other storage areas. It can fold in three places for travel use, so you can carry it with a profile similar to a briefcase.

Features include zippered front pockets, zippered back pockets, two interior pockets, a top carry handle, a removable shoulder strap, and a door hook adapter for hanging it at home (or in the hotel room). Construction is ballistic nylon with leather trims.
Available now, the Roadster Seatback Luggage is priced at $159.99.

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3 Responses

  1. Leo

    My car doesn’t come with a whole lot of storage space. My passenger seat does have a little space for paperwork or a few snacks for the kids but other than that, we really have to rely on our trunk for most storage. My purse is already packed and using my handlebars means less window space for the kiddos to enjoy the view through. I love being able to put those outfits that just cannot get wrinkled before we reach our destination safely behind my seats. When they say you can fit two full length overcoats, they aren’t kidding. With my packing skills, I could probably fit a lot more than that. The extra storage spaces are perfect for other accessories and items you may need quick and easy access to.

  2. Thomas

    This is actually a very good idea. Many roadster owners need to travel with their garment bag, but what if you have a passenger with you? Even if you are traveling solo it is going to be nicer looking to keep the garment bag out of the way. The Roadster Seatback Luggage is a great garment back that can fit this mold.

    Like Leo said above you don’t have to have a 2 seat car to use this garment bag. It will work for anyone who is struggling with storage space. The Roadster Seatback Luggage is made of a durable shell, but has leather trim. The leather trim help give the Roadster Seatback Luggage a very stylish look. It also comes with a top carry handle. Most garment bags come with a top carry handle, but they are often an afterthought and the threads will not hold up to heavy use when you have it packed full. The Roadster Seatback garment back carry handle is well integrated and designed to ACTUALLY be used this way. I really like this garment bag.

    • Emma

      You absolutely read my mind. Our family travels a lot but our car isn’t as accommodating as it used to be since our family has grown by two. It just isn’t practical anymore to hang our clothing from our rear windows. Plus, having the window blocked just creates an unnecessary blind spot that I’d rather do without. This garment bag is absolutely genius. Whoever thought of adding so many storage spaces and the handle is an angel. Don’t even get me started on the shoulder strap. Being on the move as much as I am for work, this has been a life-changer for me. Yes, my bank felt the damage but I cannot imagine going back to life before this bag.


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