Rokon Trail-Breaker Combines Vintage Styling With Modern Off-Road Talents


A quad ATV is great for making your way around off-road terrains.  Problem is, a four-wheeler’s wide profile can make things difficult when driving along single tracks and other narrow spaces.  And while there’s no shortage of dirt bikes for the off-roading crowd, you just can’t go wrong with a classic like the Rokon Trail-Breaker.

Yes, it still looks like the same dirt bike hailed as a “never before possible means of transportation” back in the 60s.  It retains the same vintage frame styling as the long-running classic, too, albeit with a bevy of modern elements to ensure satisfying performance.


The Rokon Trail-Breaker, for instance, comes with the outfit’s patented AutoGrab front suspension to ensure a smooth ride whether on mud, sand, or snow, with a full-time two wheel drive helping it tow loads of up to 2,000 pounds. Hollow drum wheels give it some amount of floatation for those times you need to ride briefly on water, all while doubling as extra compartments for carrying a backup of fuel.  It boasts a ground clearance of 14 inches, with the ability to climb slopes of over 30 degrees, making for a serious off-road performer.

Everything is powered by a single-cylinder 208cc Kohler engine, allowing it to run at speeds of up to 35 mph.  Features include hydraulic disc brakes both front and back, 12-inch wheels, wide tractor tires, standard parts for easy maintenance, and a weight of just 218 pounds.

Available in six colors, the Rokon Trail-Breaker is priced at $7,350.

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4 Responses

  1. Chad F.

    Very interesting concept on a “mini bike”. The two chain drives are peaking my interest at this point. The price is not too bad, but you are getting a Kohler engine at least!

  2. Nicholas

    The size and tread on these tires are amazing. Look at those bad boys! I love the vintage style but am also really impressed by the power and compact design of this bike as a whole. I’ve rode more dirt bikes than I can count in my day and it takes a lot to catch my eye. I still have a bit more research to do but if you’re looking for a new bike that can be used on the toughest of trails, this may be a bike to keep your eyes on. This lightweight, powerful beast can also tow a few thousand pounds, which just adds to the appeal. I’m still shopping around but I’m pretty sure my wife has made her choice. She loves all the color options on top of the all-terrain promise.

  3. Pete

    As far as a work machine I would much rather have the stability that a 4-wheeler offers, even if I am semi-limited to use it in certain situations. As for recreational use, this looks like it would eb a lot of fun.

    The styling of the Rokon is intentionally very retro and I really like the look of it. $7,350 just seems like a lot to pay for a bike that has a top speed of only 35 MPH. The engine alone can be purchased on Amazon for less than $400. The engine on the Rokon is easily replaceable. The problem though is that the value of the parts doesn’t add up to anything close tot he retail asking price of this bike. I can see mini-bikes like this a lot out in my rural area, but I doubt any of them will be riding this bike. Even if you are wealthy, there are much reliable bikes than this one. Maybe of they had left off the AutoGrab front suspension on the bike they could have came out with a lower price-point. You can buy a brand new Harley Davidson Sportster for the same cost as this mini-bike. It looks good, but definitely over-priced. I’ll pass on this one.


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