RokPak Drybox Protects Your Phone, Charges It, And More


Over the years, our smartphones have gone from extremely useful to downright indispensable. That’s why we bring it everywhere, even in places where they’re more likely to sustain damage, like mountains, rivers, and rugged trails. If you’re going to bring your phone along to your outdoor adventures, we have a feeling you’ll have a better time if you also took one of these RokPak accessories along.

A rugged drybox, it’s designed to hold your phone when it’s not in use, sheltering it from drops, water, and extreme temperatures the entire time it stays inside. Granted, it still won’t protect your phone when you’re using it to trace your location, make a phone call, or play a quick game to kill dead time during camp, but it’s big enough to fit a phone with a burly case in tow if you want to make sure it stays safe the whole way through.


More than a protective housing, the RokPak also doubles as a power bank with a 12,000 mAh battery onboard, so you can use it to charge phones, adventure watches, and other electronic gadgets during the time you spend off-grid.  A solar panel on top trickles extra charge to the battery to help extend its runtime, while a four-function LED flashlight on the exterior allows you to use it for illumination whenever necessary.  Features include a lightweight design that floats on water (so you can easily retrieve it when dropped), a small LCD display for alerts, an interior LED so you can use it at night, and two USB slots for charging two devices at a time.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for RokPak. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $169.

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2 Responses

  1. Adam Nelson

    Absolutely nothing wrong with a product like this. When you work out in the field you are more likely to treat your phone a little harder, but with this case, you should feel comfortable.

  2. Noah

    I love the outdoors, but I can’t live without my phone. I need my phone to keep in touch with clients, even on my day off. This RokPak would alleviate a couple of my concerns. When I am in the tent and it begins to rain, I need to keep my phone protected from the elements. This RokPak does it. This box looks to be very sturdy and protective, which is a must-have feature for people who like camping,hiking,hunting, and other outdoor adventures. It also has a power bank to recharge my phone. Protection and recharging abilities help make my weekends camping much more stress-free when I am ensured the capability of keeping in touch with “the real world.” The dual device charging capability is also nice to have. I think all products need to have at least 2 USB ports. You will rarely this on cheaper products, at least not woth the dual 2.4A USB ports.

    The SOS beacon feature is something I hope to never have to use, but it could potentially save my life if I ever needed to signal for emergency assistance.

    The IP67 rating is also important. The 6 means that the case will protect from dust. The second number 7 means that the case is protected in water to depths between 15 cm and 1 meter. I might not take this case whitewater rafting, but I would definitely take it on my othr outdoor adventures. Even if you are not an outdoors person you should still take a look at this case. Dust affects all of us, even if you live in an apartment in the City.


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