Flatpacked Room In A Box Folds Into A Complete Bedroom Furniture Set


Every year, a new batch of kids fresh out of high school descend upon student housing in universities across the land. And these kids buy cheap furniture to fill out those empty dorm rooms and turn them into livable abodes. Room in a Box is a furniture kit that those students might want to consider, in favor of existing alternatives.

Made by Our Paper Life, it’s a set of cardboard furniture pieces designed to serve all the basic dorm room needs. The whole thing comes flat packed inside a single box, too, allowing you to drive up to the dorm with nothing but one package in the boot of your car, simplifying the whole moving-in ordeal.


Room in a Box includes all the basic dorm room staples, namely a chair, a desk, a trash bin, a bed frame, and a four-compartment dresser. If you already have a bed, the included one can double as an additional eight-compartment dresser, so every part of the set can find use, regardless of your specific situation. Unlike other low-cost furniture options, you don’t need any tools to put the cardboard pieces together (well, maybe some Chocolate Tools when you get hungry), requiring just folding and inserting into predefined slots to assemble everything into functional rigs. That means, they can also be collapsed and flat-packed with ease, making moving out of your current room into another one extremely convenient.


Each cardboard component comes with a water-resistant coating to ensure beer, soda and other spills don’t end up affecting their utility prematurely. The entire set can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes (provided you're very fast with folding stuff, naturally).

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Room in a Box. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $149.

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3 Responses

  1. William

    What’s the weight capacity of each individual piece or safety rating? Also, I don’t know how comfortable I would feel relying on cardboard like construction to sleep on as a bed. Pretty awesome concept though for designing and using Tupperware, but obviously it’d have to be then disposed of or some sort of new innovative technology way of cleaning said material. It’s definitely convenient for individuals commonly on the go, transient individuals, or otherwise travelers! I like how they’ve geared this product towards the college community, and definitely appreciate the price. Considering everything that’s included, I’d definitely be interested in at least giving it a shot–minus the bed. However, I am also interested as to know what the warranty setup would be with purchasing such a product(s)? How does it hold up against wear, spills, liquid, and other weather or environmental based changes and abrasion?

  2. kirsten

    these are so handy! my daughters friend has one of these in her dorms and it looks so cool. not sure if it’s the same maker, but i know it probably is since it’s such a unique concept! can you color the boxes and parts yourself, or do they come in different color and designs?? would be cool to have a zebra striped one or cheetah color patterns!!

  3. sammy

    so convenient! i saw these on TV the other day they had it on the news. can you actually pack the boxes inside of one another? cute picture with the dog, makes me wonder if they have or you could make animal-houses out of these too, or even play-house for the kids! really cool stuff, and looks pretty safe and durable for play. wish we had these when i was a kid!


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