Rubber Band Engineer Shows You How To Make Weapons Using Household Items


Yes, it’s nice to have a cache of weapons at your disposal when the apocalypse descends upon our way. Eventually, though, bullets run out, melee weapons wear out, and you’ll end up needing to build new weapons to bridge the gap. That’s when a book like the Rubber Band Engineer might come in handy. Well, that and a whole lot of other non-apocalyptic scenarios.

Written by Lance Akiyama, the book is a DIY guide to building impressively powerful weapons using erstwhile easily accessible materials. No need for machining tools and other complicated workshop gear here, as he uses nothing more than pencils, ice pop sticks, plumbing pipes, dowels and other items you can find at most local stores. Oh yeah, also rubber bands. Lots and lots of the springy, elastic stuff.


Over 144 pages, the Rubber Band Engineer details step-by-step guides for 19 projects, such as slingshots, catapults, crossbows, and all sorts of projectile launchers. It’s not all weapons, though, as there’s also a project for a hydraulic-powered contraption (which relies on syringes) and even a helicopter, so we guess you can classify them as siege weapons. Do note, the projects in this book can result in some powerful projectile launchers, so you may want to be in a wide open empty space when trying them out, unless you’re looking to break windows, destroy property, or accidentally hurt passersby.

Available now in paperback format, the Rubber Band Engineer is priced at $12.50.

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