A Beehive-Inspired Design Allows This Hardware-Free Ruche Shelf To Support Up To 176 Pounds Of Gear

Flat pack furniture that assembles without tools is the ultimate in convenience.  Not only is it easy to transport, it’s easy to put together and, when needed, easy to collapse for putting away without using too much storage space.  The flat-packing, no-tools assembling Ruche doesn’t just give you all that, it’s a heck of a stylish-looking shelving storage, too.

Described as an “eco-sustainable shelving unit with a strong geometric structure,” the Ruche uses a hexagon shape with a design that’s inspired by beehives.  Creator Ruthy Shafrir says the structure is isostatic, allowing it to withstand heavy loads, despite the lack of hardware in its construction.

Ruche is made from 12 pieces of flat boards, each of which come with integrated cutouts, allowing them to snap onto each other quickly, and individual numbers that make it easy to follow assembly instructions.  When finished, it features multiple hexagonal and triangular shelves that you can use to hold a variety of objects, whether in the living room, the kitchen, or any other area of the house.   Construction is either recycled aluminum or double-layer recycled cardboard (yep, they have that option if you're into cardboard furnishings).

It comes in three sizes (small, medium, large), each of which can either be freestanding or mounted up a wall (the large one might work best serving as a standing shelf, though).  Amount of weight each shelf can hold will depend on the size and make of the shelf, with the small cardboard model being the weakest at a 22-pound threshold and the large aluminum version proving the strongest at a maximum load of 176 pounds.

Want one?  The Ruche is currently taking preorders on Kickstarter, with pledges to reserve a unit (small cardboard version) starting at $30.

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6 Responses

  1. Heather Smith

    This almost sounds too good to be true! I definitely would love to have these in my life! Thanks for the link to the kickstarter page.

    • Johnny

      I agree with Heather! Thanks for the link to the Kickstarter page. This might have not been something that I would search for on the site, but you brought it to my attention which is nice!

  2. Stephanie

    Brilliant, innovative idea. It proves “eco friendly” doesn’t have to mean “ugly”. I hope the Kickstarter makes it through.

    • Brian

      I agree. Most of the time when you hear eco-friendly you might cringe, but not with this design at all! I like that it comes in more than one size, because at first I was trying to figure out a place to put the large one 🙂

  3. Ted

    I LOVE checking Kickstarter for things like this. Creative minds deserve to have their ideas shown to the world and that website is a great place to get them started with a small donation.

  4. Chase

    Holds up to 176 pounds? That is nice and strong for something that does not seem to be very “beefy”. At the same time because of the design, it is lightweight and can fit in many locations throughout a home or apartment! Well worth a donation, or two!


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