Add-On Modules Transform Ryobi’s Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Into A Versatile All-In-One


Like the name says, Ryobi’s Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener operates while making minimal noise, boasting 20 percent quieter sound than the competition. It’s also connected with integrated Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate it directly from a phone like the many smart home elements available today. What truly makes it special, though, is the company’s modular system that allow you to turn the garage opener in to a versatile garage equipment.

A total of five modules are available for the system, namely a Bluetooth speaker, a laser-based park assist device, a small electric fan, a carbon monoxide alarm, and a retractable cord reel.  Whether you want to listen to music whole working on your car, get air circulating around the garage during the humid summer months, or have cool lasers guiding you every time you park, just plug in a new module to get things done.


Housing a powerful 2-horsepower motor, the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Open can raise and lower large garage doors without any hitch, all while doing it fast, so you never have to wait too long in the driveway.  It supports the outfit’s backup battery, which keeps enough charge for 100 openings, so you’ll have full access to the garage even with the power out, along with an overhead LED for emergency lighting.  Features include a multifunctional wall control pad, a wireless keypad, two remotes, and a safety sensor.


Available now, the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener is priced at $278.79.

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel

    My garage is not for cars. My garage has a couple of couches in it and an old stereo system. I use my garage as an office and a “man cave.” My garage door is always open when it is summertime. My garage gets more use than my bedroom and kitchen. This is why I am so excited to see a garage door opener that does more than just open up the garage door. A Bluetooth enabled speaker on a garage door opener is ingenious. This is one of those gadgets I would have thought up, and then everyone would have told me why it wasn’t practical and then I’d give up. Fortunately Ryobi did not give up and followed through with their idea.

    The laser-based parking assistant is very valuable if you actually park a car in the garage, but I am most excited about the speaker. The carbon monoxide alarm is also valuable. We had an entire family here on Pocatello, Idaho die from a carbon monoxide leak. I take this very serious and have already installed a carbon monoxide alarms in my house. Many people who have carbon monoxide alarms do not have one in the garage. This can be a fatal mistake. PLEASE make sure you have carbon monoxide alarms in your house that are working.

    I seen this has a 2 horsepower motor for the garage door opener. I just went out to check to see how powerful mine is. My garage door is only a 1/4 horsepower. LOL. I think my electric toothbrush has more power than my current garage door opener.

    I never thought about the battery reserve before. I have to manually open my garage door if the power is out. With this one you can open the garage door up to 100 times. Wow, this would be perfect for my elderly Grandmother who physically can’t lift her garage door.

    I love to see science and technology advances integrated into older products to create something new. This is a perfect example of old tech and new tech morphing into something new and entirely amazing!

  2. Sara

    My favorite feature would have to be the parking assist. I have had not so positive parking experiences more than once and while it’s been a while, I still fear parking in the garage. I honestly get out of the car each time and let my husband take over. Since we got this door opener, it hasn’t been a concern of mine. I also love the Bluetooth speaker. We spend a lot of time in our garage and while the boom box was nice, it just took up more of our space. It’s a lot nicer to have your music coming from directly above what you’re working on. Oh, and the fan is also absolutely fantastic!


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