Turn Your Gaming Desk Into An Agricultural Tractor With Saitek’s Farming Simulator Bundle


Do you find spending a good part of your days planting grains, harvesting crops, and offloading your produce in the much-loved Farming Simulator? Just like in an actual farm, a good load of those hours will be spent driving various types of tractors (at least, until the inevitable robot tractor takeover), so if you want to further enhance the game’s immersive factor, you’re going to love Saitek’s new Farming Simulator Control Bundle.

Made for PCs running Windows 7 or newer, it’s a tractor simulation control system that gives you everything you need to drive and operate any type of farm vehicle you can find in the game. Whether you’re plowing, tilling, disking, or doing whatever sort of work on the farm, this system is fully-equipped to let you carry out every single one.


The Saitek Farming Simulator Control Bundle consists of a steering wheel, pedals, and a vehicle side panel for controlling cranes, claws, and other machinery. Each one is done up to be as close to the control system on actual tractors as possible, so you can fully-immerse in realistic farm work. The accurately-tilted wheel, for instance, boasts 900 degrees of rotation and a removable turn knob for one-handed turning, while the dedicated gas and brake pedals come with 20 degrees of angular travel for life-like control. The vehicle side panel, on the other hand, has a loader stick with directional and twist actions, with 25 programmable buttons and switches for assigning, practically, any action in the game.

Available now, the Saitek Farming Simulator Control Bundle is priced at $299.99.

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  1. max

    this is so cool! I’m a big john deere fan so this would be loads of fun for me and my sons. does it not run on a mac, though? i love the look of feel and accuracy of technology thats being used here. we have a gaming chair and i think this would be the perfect (and ultimate) combination for the most ‘real’ experience! well, that, and then of course versus some sort of 3D experience. the angular mobility of the parts shows a lot of thought was put into the design of these. very impressive! i think the price is a little steep, but hopefully it will come down a bit after release and be a little more practically priced–does it include the a game(s) for it?


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