Sandits Puts Sanding Grit On The Tips Of Cotton Swabs For Smoothing Surfaces In Tight Areas


If you mistake Sandits for a cotton swab, something bad will probably happen. Or something funny, depending on whether you’re the one on the receiving end of the unfortunate outcome. That’s because while it looks like a regular Q-tip, those tips are actually covered by gritty sandpaper material.

Described as “cotton swab-shaped sanding sticks,” it lets you sand hard-to-reach surfaces where you would otherwise have to get creative with sandpaper to properly reach. The size also allows you to sand more delicately, making it ideal for smoothing pieces without scratching them. Whether for sanding corroded parts on small electronics, fine-finishing wooden DIY projects, or polishing jewelry, this thing should work a heck of a lot better than wrapping sandpaper on a screwdriver like many of us have done before.


Each stick of Sandits measure 6 inches long, with each tip armed with a different grit to maximize its potential applications. There are two variants available: one with medium and fine wedge-shaped tips (120 and 180 grit sizes on either end); and another with very fine and extra fine round tips (400 and 800 grit). Recommended for sanding wood, metal, and plastic, the grits are secured to the tips using marine-grade epoxy, ensuring they will stay on even when used under wet conditions.


Available in packs of eight, Sandits is priced at $6.99.

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  1. Sasha Jones

    This would be perfect for the art I’ve been doing as of late. I like working with wood, and having these little sanding sticks makes designing some things pretty fun and a lot easier.

  2. Borland

    This is a great idea for those woodworkers out there! They look very stable and long enough that you are not holding them with your finger tips, which is nice!


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