Even Rock Solid Ice Cream Is No Match For The ScoopTHAT Ice Cream Scoop


Scooping up a bowl of ice cream from a tub is easy enough. Provided the ice cream isn’t frozen hard as a rock when you pull it out of the freezer, that is. What to do when that’s the case? Pull out ScoopTHAT, a novel ice cream scoop that lets you easily dig up a serving into the most rock-solid frozen treats.

Similar to the THAT Inventions’ SpreadTHAT butter knife, the scoop features heated edges that allow it to soften the ice cream upon contact, so you can dig in with the same ease you would when the ice cream’s already a little soft. No more slicing the frozen ice cream, digging in by tiny chunks, or pushing in with intense force – just scoop it up in one swift motion and you’re done.


ScoopTHAT uses the same heat transfer technology as SpreadTHAT, too, taking the natural heat from your hand into the handle, then sending it to the scoop’s edges, so there are no batteries necessary to keep it functioning. Aside from the heated edges, it features an insulated and non-stick main chamber, so the heat will not melt any part of the ice cream before you transfer it to a waffle bowl, all while quickly falling straight into a bowl as soon as you turn it over (no elbow grease necessary). Construction is food-grade aluminum alloy for the scoop, with the handle covered in polypropylene. It measures 6.69 x 2.17 x 1.3 inches.


Available now, ScoopTHAT is priced at $19.95.

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3 Responses

  1. cook

    Wow, that is the weirdest ice scream scoop I’ve ever seen. So it takes the heat from your body and transfers it through the scoop’s handle, then makes the scooper cut into the frozen ice cream because it has been heated from your body temperature. And this all happens in a matter of seconds! It’s like a flippin’ magic trick, for real.

    The best ice scream scooper I have right now is a solid metal – some kind of alloy I think – all in one piece with no bendy parts or connections.

    The only problem I have with it is that I have to dip it in water in order to slice through the ice cream. You know that gets kind of yucky, because there are always little water droplets falling back into the bucket no matter how careful you are.

    Then, of course, the water drops freeze and you are left to eat them later on. That’s the yucky part 🙁 I’d like to try out the ScoopThat brand.

  2. Karen

    My kids always put the hard ice cream in the microwave to soften it a little. But when the ice cream refreezes, it doesn’t have the best taste and texture 🙁

  3. Jack

    Nice invention… If it is heating only half edge of the scoop then I wonder how much helpful it would be for left handers.


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