Sennheiser Flex 5000 Lets You Watch TV Using Wired Headphones Anywhere In The Room


Bingeing on your favorite TV shows into the wee hours is fine and all if you live alone. If you don’t, doing so with the volume turned up could make for a scene you’d rather avoid. The Sennheiser Flex 5000 offers a way to indulge your late night predilections.

A wireless audio system, it lets you use any wired pair of headphones to watch TV while you’re plopped down on the couch. That way, you can watch Daredevil on your 4KTV at full volume without creating a ruckus that’s likely to wake up the wife, the kids, the dogs, and maybe even the neighbors.


The Sennheiser Flex 5000 consists of two parts: a transmitter that you hook up to the TV and a receiver you carry with you. The former won’t just transmit sound passively, as you can set both the left/right balance and your desired sound enhancement equalization, all while hooking up to your TV either via the 3.5mm slot or a digital optical input. While the transmitter sits under your TV, you take the transmitter (it works at distances of up to 200 feet), plug in your favorite pair of cans, and enjoy all the gunfights, sound effects, and explosions you want in complete privacy.


You can adjust the volume via the receiver, as well as activate a Speech Intelligibility function, which adjusts the audio feed to enhance dialogue while lowering both music and background noise. The transmitter, by the way, will need to be plugged into an outlet the entire time, while the receiver (which keeps 12 hours’ worth of power on a single charge) charges on a dock right on the transmitter when it’s not in use.

Available now, the Sennheiser Flex 5000 is priced at $139.

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