Shell’s Concept Car Combines Goofy Looks With 107 MPG


If Silicon Valley has its way, future cars will both be self-driving and electric. Judging from the way Google’s Self-Driving Car looked, they’ll probably also look like they came straight out of cartoons. If the latter’s actually the case, then Shell’s Concept Car should feel right at home.

Designed by Gordon Murray (yes, the guy who designed the McLaren F1), this cute-looking automobile neither drives itself nor runs on an electric powertrain. Instead, the car, which looks like an updated version of Murray’s T.25 City Car, runs on a regular gas engine, albeit with one thing that sets it apart from most any gas-guzzler on the road – the darn thing boasts serious fuel efficiency.


The Shell Concept Car has the ability to run at up to 107 miles per gallon, although it averages at 89 MPG, which is quite impressive as well. As you can imagine, this is all about fuel efficiency, rather than speed or power, so it uses a paltry 43 horsepower engine that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 15.8 seconds. If you’ll notice, the car doesn’t actually have doors. Instead, the entire roof and sides actually pop open to allow entry into the cabin, where it sits three people: a driver in the center and two passengers on either rear side. The entire thing weighs just 1,200 pounds.


For now, the Shell Concept Car is strictly a concept, with no plans for production. You can learn more from the link below.


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  1. Bart

    I love the look of this car. Of course it is just a concept car that Shell wanted for good publicity. Regardless of how much I like this I Would NEVER buy in if they came to market because I dislike Shell. Shell is an evil corporation and I won’t support them in anyway. I will support companies such as Tesla that are going to put a big hurt in the corporate profits of these oil companies.

    If you want a cute car that gets a lot of attention then check out the Elio car. Unlike the Shell concept car, the Elio will be coming on the market in 2017. It gets great gas mileage, is good for city and highway use, and can buy one brand new for only $6,800. Screw Shell, buy Tesla or Elio. I even have huge respect for Toyota and what they are doing with the Prius line, but Shell will never regain my respect.


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