Sivil Claims Their Training Shirts Can Cool And Dry You Better Than Any Other Performance Apparel In The Market


Training shirts from giant sports apparel brands have become more advanced than ever at keeping you dry and cooling you down even through the most intense workouts. That’s why, it’s pretty surprising when an upstart shows up and claims they have a product that will outperform every other shirt from Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. Those lofty claims, however, are exactly what Sivil brags about with their new line of performance apparel.

Using a fabric technology called CoolCore, the shirts boast an ability to outperform every other workout apparel in the market when it comes to cooling power, drying power, and wet cling/comfort testing. They’re supposed outdo every single one by at least 30 percent better on those areas, too, making for a shirt any serious athlete probably wouldn’t mind trading in their current roster of garments for.


Sivil uses a proprietary blend of engineered fibers that enables moisture to be eliminated at a faster rate than ever via a unique capillary system, so you’ve never soaking in sweat at any point during training.   It’s also designed to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so your shirt stays dry and odor-free even in humid conditions, apart from being completely barren of any chemicals. Since training shirts need to support movement, too, it comes with two- and three-thread ActiveSeam stitching that the company claims will “fit the human body better without restricting athletic movement.”


They’re launching with four designs for now: two for men (a fitted tank and loose tee) and two for women (a fitted tank and a loose tee). The designs don’t seem awfully special, but if their technology proves legit, there’s a huge market out there for these guys.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Sivil. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $35.

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  1. Ben Hoskins

    Hey,these are great because by now, most of us know this type of threading works well for athletes and delivers on its promises. I’m guessing the Cool Core garments are very similar to the Nike (and other estimable brands you mentioned) – dri-fit technology.

    My son is a dri-fit maniac. It looks great on him and he loves the way it feels. He is a YMCA junkie – so there ya go. Me, on the other hand – well, I am not a fan. I have a spare tire around my midriff and I HATE the clingy way this type of apparel fits my not so attractive areas.

    I’m not so sure about the thirty dollar price-tag. If I could hold one of the Sivil shirts in my hands for about twenty seconds, I could give a more committed answer. I’ll be looking for this brand in the new season.

  2. Marker

    I think the technology and concept is really cool, but I’m much more interested in a demo-video to show off the technology and really break down the experience for anyone counting on this sort of clothing-technology for serious athletics, such as jogging, and even sports. I like the ventilation idea, as well as the structural design of the clothing pieces. It’s crazy that it’s possible to come up with a technology to eat away at bacteria–which is especially useful, because as we all know this is commonly where bad odors originate, so nicely done! I think the price is right on the money, considering many under-armor products with less qualities or advanced technology will go for upwards of $10-$25 more each than these ones. The material definitely looks more comfortable than most workout shirts, and I’d be willing to give one of these a shots for my weight-lifting sessions.

  3. reggie

    i agree with you there, ben! i wish they included a demo-video and some images zoomed in to help us better see and appreciate the threading or material used to create these shirts. i hear you with the tire issue at the bottom of the shirt, especially when working out–hate that! it can even be dangerous if it gets snagged onto something, plus it serves no purpose only then to hold in more sweat and i just wind up tucking it into my pants anyway–not the most comfortable solution!

  4. Greg

    Don’t bother even checking this “company” out, they have created a Kickstarter campaign and received over $250,000 in orders and have yet to fulfill one of them! Rarely updating anyone with what is going on with months of delays, coming up to 6 months late on being completed.

    Requested refunded multiple times, but some how they are flat broke… These are some huge scammers unless they can prove me and 1700+ people wrong.


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