Six Pack Beast Duffle Comes With Modular Compartments For Your Workout Meals


Any duffle (even your sneaker duffel) can serve as a gym bag. For serious gym rats, however, nothing’s going to mirror the function of the Six Pack Beast Duffle, which comes equipped with compartments and accessories to accommodate all your workout needs.

Like any well-designed gym bag, it comes with a spacious main compartment for any clothes and equipment you need to bring to the gym, along with a dedicated shoe compartment so your trainers can stay in their own place. Unlike them, there’s even a dedicated removable compartment for a meal bag, complete with six containers for packing pre- and post-workout meals, along with any sports nutrition supplements you want to bring along.


More than letting you bring food, the Six Pack Beast Duffle’s insulated meal bag can also keep it fresh for up to eight hours using a trio of cold gel packs (two small and one large), so you can spend the day at the gym and still eat well from first to last meal, along with dedicated pockets for eating utensils and supplements. For the rest of your gear, it comes with two expandable external pockets with drainage (for water bottles), a zippered mesh door compartment, an internal organizer pocket for small items, and an external side pocket for items you want to have on easy access.


Features include two ways of attaching the included strap (either on the shoulder or across the body), a back panel that can slide over a luggage handle (for travel), and 840D ballistic nylon construction. It measures 23.5 x 12 x 11 inches (l x w x h).

The Six Pack Beast Duffle is available now, priced at $161.99.

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3 Responses

  1. Nick

    I don’t mind seeing new gadgets and products, but the practical ones keep my interest. I can see the benefit of having a large bag for a long day of workouts, but this seems like over kill don’t you think?

  2. Henry

    I think it is overkill for me, but serious bodybuilders always seem to eat 5-6 meals a day, sometimes more. Not all of their meals are massive sized, but their training and meal planning is top-notch. I can see many bodybuilders using this bag. It would make taking your pre-measured meals and workout gear very mobile. You got to stay organized if you want to be a massive-sized bodybuilder and this gear bag will help you do that. You can leave the house in the morning with all of your meals, go to work, hit the gym, run some errands, and never have to go home to prepare a meal.

    I am not a bodybuilder, but I can see using one of these for family trips in the car. If I could pick some of these up wholesale I am pretty sure I could sell them pretty quickly to some of the muscular bodybuilder guys I know here in town. I would also hit up the vegetarian yoga instructor I know, as I am sure she could use this bag too. Yeah it is expensive for a workout bag, but nothing else comes close to this beast.

  3. Joseph

    What caught my attention about this bad first and foremost was that it’s called the “beast”. I love that this is a word going around, not just for men but for women as well. I work my butt off to keep my body looking good not only for myself but for my family because I want to stick around and see them grow up. If you are on the go a lot, packing meals isn’t always easy and I think that’s where a pricey bag like this doesn’t seem to look all that pricey anymore. I’ve had my fair share of bags that promised to keep my food cool all day but they couldn’t keep up. This bag really has thought of it all: shoe storage, 6 containers to store food AND keep cool throughout the entire day. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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