SixE Learn Is An Office Chair With An Integrated Modern Work Desk


The SixE Learn is, basically, an office chair with an integrated desk. Sure, it doesn’t have the same generous surface space as the desk in your home office, but it’s equipped enough to serve as a functional modern workspace, making it ideal for adding a mini-home office even in the smallest apartments.

Designed by PearsonLloyd for HOWE, it’s an erstwhile standard-looking office chair, with a swiveling seat for easy movement in place, an adjustable height, and five caster wheels for mobility. Except, it comes with a small desk held by an arm attached to the column under the seat, with dimensions sized to fit a large laptop and other modern work devices.


The SixE Learn’s desk won’t just accommodate a laptop, it also comes with two built-in stands (one at the front edge, the other at the rear) for propping up tablets and phones. When you’re not using the laptop, there’s even a narrow space underneath for hiding it in, so you can use the desk for writing, drawing, or finally building that Breaking Bad Meth Lab LEGO set you bought a while back. Like to keep a cup of coffee nearby while you type away on a computer? Not a problem, since it comes with an integrated cup holder on the right side, which can fold in under the table when not in use. Other features include a hook on the backrest for hanging a bag (or headphones), a swiveling table arm that lets you push the table all the way to the back when it’s not needed, and six options in color finishes.


No pricing is listed, but it’s available directly from HOWE.


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  1. sammy

    this is pretty nice, especially because it would be so busy to put away or hide when company is over for more space. it also makes me think, considering how light it is, that it’d be fairly easy to move to another location if absolutely need be. hopefully sooner than later, manufacturers will actually start making dynamically light, yet sturdy enough computer-desk setups like this so you can just bring them with you on the go and set-up as you please. Starbucks tables and chairs for example, ack so uncomfortable and impossible for long-term use! this looks like something you could find in Ikea, but i’m kind of disappointed that there’s no price range available for this product et. it definitely has a modern look to it, which is really cosmetically appealing and would considerably be a unisex product. the fact that they managed to merge a chair to table technology is so sweet, definitely an original idea!

  2. alex

    i like the swivel-seat chair. i take it it’s hydraulic powered like most office chairs? i don’t know though, for a big guy it doesn’t look like it could get very tall extension wise, and i’d also be hesitant to put more then 200lbs on this. the super holder was a really good idea, and it shows that there was great attention to detail put into making this product. i think if it’s 60 bucks or less that it would be worth giving a shot, and yes i agree it definitely looks much more practical to take on the go or for relocation purposes as necessary. i just don’t like the plastic look-feel to the chair, and it makes me think that sitting in it using it for work and school for long periods of time would be super uncomfortable.


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