Skateboard Art Goes Classic Nude


Nude oil paintings and skateboards never really meshed in my mind, until I saw these gorgeous hand-painted boards from artist Alexxx Castaneda. He did six of these beauties, three of which are still available for $400 apiece.

All six items are fully-functional boards, with all the holes kept intact. He painted over the surface with beautiful nude images of women in various poses. The images are tastefully rendered and look so gorgeous that I think he's pricing it at a steal.

If I do get one of these, I'm not sure if I'd like to just display it at home or fit in wheels to use for actual skating. It's a real piece of art that my clumsy board work would probably trash in under a week. Hopefully, the oil holds tight to the board so it doesn't scrape too easy. How cool would it be to get into a fight and smash some clown's head with a nude oil piece like this?

My favorite of the set, number 5 of 6, has actually been bought already. It depicts a woman atop an empty white background who's stretching almost as if she just got up in the morning. You can visit Alexxx's blog if you'd like to commission custom boards like these or his Etsy Shop to buy the remaining inventory.