SoloCam Adds A Mic To A Selfie Stick For Professional-Looking Solo Videos


There are few things that receive equal love and vitriol as the selfie stick.   People who love taking selfies adore them (unless they prefer a selfie camera, that is). Everybody else is just plain old annoyed. The SoloCam takes the useful-yet-annoying contraption and gives it a professional flair, turning the selfie stick into a one-man production crew for the video bloggers of the world.

Just like other selfie sticks, it comes with a smartphone mount on one end that lets you take a snap with you at the center of the frame. Unlike them, it doesn’t just have a handle on the other end, but a full-sized microphone, so you can do your video blogs like a professional TV host with a full set of gear in tow.

The SoloCam uses a dynamic Bluetooth mic, with a frequency response tailored to vocal work (50hz to 15,000 hz), a built-in spherical filter (wind and pop), and a form that’s compatible with other aftermarket accessories. Dual handles give the user a better, more stable grip, with a swiveling action that allows you to move at a 180-degree angle while the smartphone stays in the same place. Need to do some actions on the video recording app on the fly? Not a problem, since the handle includes an integrated joystick for navigating through the app’s UI. Features include an auxiliary slot on the mic for plugging into audio systems, camera adapters (for GoPro and regular cameras), and a folding design that allows you to collapse it for easy portability.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the SoloCam. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $49.

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  1. michael

    this was a really good idea, and i had wondered before why they didn’t have a mic built-in, considering the distance between note phone/camera and the target audience or objects. that’s awesome that this utilized bluetooth technology, and i think it’s especially helpful that it also has such a varying degree angling ability so that you can get the best or most desirable pictures/video footage catered right to you! the demo-video was pretty cool, and the price/affordability would definitely be a big selling point for me if this was actually a device or technology that i would use on a regular basis. the joystick idea was also really good, and shows how the “Selfie-Stick” continues to evolve so rapidly by consumer demand and suggestions.


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