Soundmatters foxL V2 Pocket Speaker Packs Big Sound In Compact Package

Portable speakers will never compete with hi-fidelity home systems when it comes to audio quality, but they sure are getting better.  The latest in audiophile gear for the mobile set comes in the form of the Soundmatters foxL V2, a tiny speaker system that delivers big where it matters: sound.

If you feel like you've heard a similar description before, then you're probably thinking of the Jawbone Jambox, currently the top seed in the "compact size, booming sound" category.  Well, this new portable audio device is going head-to-head with that and, from what we've heard so far, the thing is just as impressive.

The Soundmatters foxL V2 comes in a bar form factor reminiscent of a TV remote, measuring 5.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches.   It comes in both wired and wireless (Bluetooth) models, both of which feature the same specs: 8-octave bandwidth, four digital amplifiers, rechargeable battery (8 hours of playback), removable kickstand and a 3.5mm jack.  The Bluetooth version packs a microphone behind the grill, so you can use it to make hands-free calls.

To achieve the high quality sound, it packs a pair of tricks that aren't available on other mobile speakers.  First is the “Twoofer”, a tweeter and woofer combo that delivers big sound from a small (25mm) driver, all while managing to save space; the other is “BassBattery,” a clever engineering trick that uses the mass of the onboard battery as an “acoustic suspension bass driver.”

While something as small as the Soundmatters foxL V2 will never replace your giant speaker and woofer systems as home theater staples, it's the kind of product that makes listening to audio outside the confines of your home just a tad more enjoyable.  Price is $200 for the base model and $250 for the Bluetooth version.

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  1. Nathan

    It is almost surprising to note that there is a wide hole when it comes to a marketplace of some serious outdoor portable speakers that can be relied upon to deliver at least a fraction of the booming audio quality we associate with our home sound systems. Sure, Jawbone Jambox is one, but there is scope for a lot more competition in this regard. The word around the Soundmatters foxL V2 Pocket Speaker sounds impressive enough, but I would wait for an up close and personal experience before deciding to part with 200$.

  2. Bob

    Remarkable, the fact that a compact housing such as the 5.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches Soundmatters foxL V2 Pocket Speaker boasts of woofer and twitter combo to pack a heavy punch in terms of sound decibels. The form factor is pretty aggressive, and so is the whole outlook, as evident from the posted image. With so much of sound circuitry inside it, it has got to be a heavy device, and I hope that does not inhibit its claims of being comfortable and portable. The amazing sound service of dedicated house theatres is not to be expected from a portable device, but I guess even if it can churn out a passable imitation of the same, it is worth buying.

  3. Kevin

    I had to leave for a business meet that I was not expecting, and all my journey was demolished by this lanky college guy who was carrying some cheap portable speaker set with him. The shrill voices emanating from the wooden gadget made a mess of my sound relaying nerves. Thank God for the makers of Soundmatters foxL V2 Pocket Speaker, a device that promises to offer clean and serene voice quality. I really hope to hear more of the same.

  4. Vermeulen

    Wow, never heard or thought of anything like the Twoofer! What a novel idea to save on space without letting the trade off get to the sound quality. With four digi-amps and the above mentioned Twoofer, the dimensions of the Soundmatters foxL V2 Pocket Speaker are really compact. I perfectly agree with the author’s remark that this gadget replicates the form factor of a television remote control.

  5. C. Levers

    There is certainly a lot to be talking about, and being a designs engineer myself, I can hardly restrain myself from, lauding the idea of the BassBattery. It is one street smart idea to save on valuable space by making the battery multi-task as an “acoustic suspension bass driver.”

  6. Tiger

    If somebody told me that he had bought some portable speaker for two hundred and fifty dollars, it would take me a lot of self control to avoid laughing my head off. But I guess that the Soundmatters foxL V2 is not just ‘some portable speaker.’ With fresh words such as Twoofer and BassBattery making this is an enlightening read, this post is something of an opinion changer for me. A 250$ price tag necessitates that this product be tight at the top of the charts in terms of quality. Let u wait and see if the Soundmatters foxL V2 manages to justify itself.


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