Speetbox By Starck Is A Modular Wood-Burning Fireplace That You Can Control With An App


Buying off-the-shelf heating furniture usually means getting a single box that you’ll have to integrate with your living room’s layout. Usually. That, however, isn’t the case with Speeta Speetbox, a modular fireplace system that lets you build a wood-burning heating unit according to your liking.

Designed by Philippe Starck, the system consists of individual boxes that you stack or place right next to each other.  That way, you can make your heating furniture compact enough to squeeze into a crowded space, large enough to serve as a central piece in the room, or somewhere reasonably in between.


The Speetbox by Starck consists of three types of modules: a hearth, a heat accumulator box, and a storage box.  The hearth consists of two boxes stacked on top of each other, with the top serving as the wood-burning stove and the bottom serving as an electronic module that can be used to optimize combustion and heat delivery.   It comes with a triple-wall chimney pipe on top and a glazed ashtray at the bottom, allowing you to check how much ash has accumulated even while the stove is running.  While it can be used without assistance from the electronic module, keeping that part running won’t just assist in optimizing the fire, it will also let you control and monitor the fireplace remotely via an accompanying Android app.


The heat accumulator box comes filled with stones that absorb heat from the hearth and gradually diffusing it, so the fireplace can keep warming your home long after the stove has been shut off, while the storage box serves as a container for anything you want to display alongside the hearth, like logs, books (hopefully, for reading not for burning), or collectible toys.  You can use the top of the boxes to serve as extra shelves or they can be fitted with cushions for serving as instant stools.  Construction is stainless steel.

Learn more about Speetbox by Starck from the official website.

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2 Responses

  1. Kevin Jansen

    Very efficient product here. I think it would be a great addition to any smaller apartment or garage space that needs a little more heat. Cool design as well!

  2. Noah

    The artificial fireplaces that plugin to the wall is something that is popular with my family. I can visit most any of my family members and they all have a heating unit like this. It is never the primary heat source, but we all tend to like how they look. The Speetbox looks great, and the modular boxes can be stacked and organized however you like. I like that I can rearrange the boxes. Not only can I move my furniture and end-tables around, but I can also easily redesign the layout of this fireplace. More importantly, this is a true wood burning stove and not simply an electronic flame for looks.

    The designer is Phillip Stark. The name made me laugh because I immediately though of Tony Stark from Iron Man. This modular fireplace though is something that I could see Tony Stark having as part of his decor in his mansion.

    Lying on the couch and being able to remotely control your wood-burning stove is very appealing to me. This feature of the ease of use, the flexible layouts you can use with the boxes, and the great looks of this means this product is a must-buy. I am not a salesman but these look like an easy sales item even I could sell. Set-up a demo, show people how to use it off their iPhone and how the boxes can be rearranged, and the sales would likely pour in regularly.


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