Stikk Is A Reusable Double-Sided Adhesive Gel Pad


Like many folks, we’re huge fans of double-sided adhesive strips and their ability to let you stick anything onto anything. They’re awesome. The Stikk is a new type of gel pad that mirrors the same double-sided adhesive function, all while being completely reusable, so you can use and reuse it many times over (up to 200 times).

A gel pad, you simply stick it onto any surface, then stick whatever you want to mount in front. Once you’re done, you simply remove whatever object you mounted, peel the gel off the surface, and wash it under running water to get it ready for use somewhere else. Whether you want to mount your phone on the car dashboard, your knives on the kitchen wall, or your pens on the cubicle wall, this thing will let you do that in a convenient manner.


Each Stikk gel pad measures 3 x 2.5 inches, which should be big enough to mount a variety of objects, from mobile devices to picture frames to small accessories. Able to mount up to 0.8 pound each, the pad should have enough strength to hold most small objects (including smartphones and tablets), although you can combine multiple pads for supporting heavier items. It’s designed to leave zero residue when removed, so there’s no sticky feel to put up with, with the soft gel surface ensuring it will damage neither the surfaces nor the items you’re mounting.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund Stikk. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $6.

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  1. Micah

    Stikk would get used a lot in both my office and my car. It is such a simple design yet would come in handy in s many different ways. My only concern over the Stikk is how it handles dirt and dust. It seems like it would get dirty easily in some environments and then it wouldn’t work near as well if at all. It is washable, but when you wash it dies it look some of the stickiness?

    Here is a great idea, we could use them when we are assembling products in the garage and use the Stikk to keep all the smal screws and washers tacked up at eye level.

    Although the Stikk is a simple idea, it will come in very handy for countless situations. I don’t know that Stikk will be able to stay in business though. Not because Stikk isn’t a good product, but because the cheap Chinese knockoffs will be arriving at the same time as the Stikk.


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