Use The City Erasers To Turn Your Desk Into A Miniature Metropolis


Erasers come in all shapes and forms. If you spend your free time building tabletop urban dioramas, these City Erasers are the ones you’ll want to have bundled in a cup on your desk, so you can get your city-building fix whenever there’s a little downtime at work.

Made by Suck UK, it’s a set of erasers that resemble buildings from various cities. If you’re the type of person who still works with a pencil, you can use them to erase mistakes on drafts, notes, and drawings. If not, just use them as the perfect excuse to have city-building toys stashed in the work desk, ready to become a bustling metropolis when you’re ready to work your city-planning magic.


The City Erasers come in three sets: New York, Paris, and London. Every set comes with four erasers, each one cast in the shape of a familiar landmark in the city. All of the erasers measure between 1 to 1.5 inches, making them just the right size to play with, all while being non-intrusive on your desk. Just lay down some paper roads between each row of buildings you set up and your desk can look like a legit-looking miniature city.


Available now, the City Erasers are priced at £3 a set.

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2 Responses

  1. cook

    I wish these were out fifteen years ago. I would have loved to give them to my boss at the full service deli (cooked lunches – salads- cakes- and luncheon meats). She used pencil for all her profit and loss, scheduling, and inventories. For our Christmas secret santa week, I bought her a pack of pencil erasers. Wish I could have bought her something as cool as these instead of the rainbow colors I got her. These pencil erasers are too pretty to use, though, really.

  2. franchesca

    i think these are really cute, and definitely would be welcomed in the average office environment! i especially like the designs, and it’s really unique how they’re different buildings and popular structures. being less than 2″ long each seems to make them very practical for actual-usage. this honestly seems like it would be any architects dream to have a few sets of these bad-boys in the office! i love the New York ones, these are at best a great new way to do your writing and drawing. i don’t see anything wrong with putting some of these up on a shelf or even the dining room table to add a little unique style to it and a personalized touch from global landmarks–talk about a discussion piece!


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