Wax Nostalgic For The Original Super Mario Bros Game With The Sun And Moon Miyamoto Watch


Yes, we’re too old to be wearing a Super Mario Bros watch (or have a giant Super Mario pen on our desk, for that matter). Yes, it’s not a good look being a grown adult sporting a Nintendo icon on your wrist. And, yes, none of that stops us from wanting to strap on this Sun and Moon Miyamoto Watch anyway.

The latest in Mr. Jones Watches’ Sun and Moon line of time-tellers, the timepiece features a background scene on the upper area of the watch face that resembles the landscape from the original mid-80s Super Mario game. No, you can’t play on it, but the background itself moves along with the time, turning from day to night and vice versa in tune with the movement of the watch.


The Sun and Moon Miyamoto Watch is, of course, named after Super Mario Bros creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary game designer who was also the force behind such icons as Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda. A small dial at the center tells the actual time, with a spinning disc behind it bearing the landscape graphics. The disc slowly makes one full rotation in 24 hours. Watch details include a brushed stainless steel case, navy and gray leather strap with pink stitching, a single-jewel quartz mechanism, and 5 ATM of water resistance.  Oh yeah, there’s no actual Mario or Luigi in sight, so if your main objection about a Nintendo-themed watch is the characters, there’s none of that to worry about here.


Only 100 of the Sun And Moon Miyamoto Watch have been made, each of which is priced at $220.

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4 Responses

  1. Michaela

    This is so cool, and I love the Limited-Edition feel and officially of this watch! It’s definitely original, and brings back plenty of old-school memories of the best game in history. Definitely would have liked to see a little more in the background design, such as Yoshi or a Yoshi egg, or one of the little mushroom looking bad guys. Even a pair of Luigi or Mario eyes would have been cool on this too. I like that its water-proof though. It’s pretty expensive, but obvious that its only for die-hard Super Mario fans. It’s such a cool touch that they made the dial so it switches between night and day with the time and movements. Will they come out with more landscapes and designs? There were soo many different ones in the game because of all the levels, versions, and sequels.

  2. Big Toad

    this is such a beauty! i love how they have the old school themes on them. will they make zelda ones or donkey kong ones soon too? i really miss earthworm jim, do you think they’d make one with an old school theme like that haha. it looks like really nice leather too. the blue was a good call!

  3. sammy

    i second that, and the minute they come out with one of these with the simpsons or family guy ill be all over it haha. i like the discreet Mario theme on this though, cool!

  4. maxine

    i really like the original design, but am kind of sad that they don’t have any characters in these. its a lot of money in my opinion, but it’s definitely stylish too if you were to just take it out for special occasions i guess. its a lot of dough though and i can’t justify such a price like the other poster said, since it’s more than half the price of an Apple Watch. just my two centers!


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