Surf-Rodz 72-Inch Olo Gun: A Skateboard War Machine


Surf-Rodz dubs their 72-inch Olo Gun as a war machine.  While I wouldn't go that far, there certainly is something ominous about a beastly longboard skateboard that spans an entire six feet.  Hell, that's taller than me.

Instead of decking it in cute graphics and funky designs, the Olo Gun has been kept bare, with nothing but a rosewood oil finish covering its sweeping surface.  The aesthetic was based on Tom Blake's longboard surfboard designs from the 1920s, which highlighted the wooden components instead of adding decorations on top of it.

Longboarding is typically a downhill and slalom sport, along with the occasional cruising and city use.  As such, the Olo Gun has been decked especially for it.  Skaters get plenty of foot space at either ends for any skating stance they need for movement, along with an overhanging tail end for riding manuals.

Exact dimensions are 72 x 9.5 inches with a 54-inch wheelbase.  It uses a teak body with a 1.25-inch solid core (custom cores can also be ordered).   It sports pointed ends that hint at the "war machine" moniker its been given: suppose you get into a fight, you can probably use it to fend off opponents.

The Surf-Rodz 72-inch Olo Gun is available now for $500.

[Surf Rodz]

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  1. Hiro

    That sure is a ‘long’board. I have never tried this sport, but judging by the boards I can say it won’t be much fun. Skateboarding is definitely more exciting.

    • Max

      “I’ve never done it before but it doesn’t LOOK fun, so I’m going to dismiss it entirely”
      Please do not reproduce

  2. Lazzy

    “Skateboarding is more exciting”… nah, speed-wobble at 40+ mph is going to be WAY more exciting than ‘jumping’ six inches in the air and wrecking the local kerbs/annoying old people. You don’t have to keep pedalling, small stones don’t stop your board dead and you can go massive distances without a problem.

    Inch and a quarter WIDE core – lol… there is NO WAY that board is an inch and a quarter thick – look at the picture! lol.

  3. ambientvoid

    if this was a Surf Rodz complete setup why did it come with Original trucks instead of Surf Rodz trucks?


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