This Side Table Collapses Into A 4.7-Inch-Thick Pile For Easy Storage


Folding furniture is a must-have element for most small living spaces. There are few things better at helping you make the most of limited room, after all. This Ta-bl folds in such a compact way, you can keep several of it at home without taking up too much space.

Designed to function as a makeshift side table or coffee table, it folds up into a flat bundle measuring a mere 4.7 inches when not in use. That’s small enough that you can easily hide it under other furniture (the couch, the media cabinet, or the bed should make for suitable hiding places), as well as push it against the wall without taking up too much floor space.


The Ta-bl is a wooden table with a round top, with a finish that makes it suitable for use both inside and outside the house. A latch system ensures it never accidentally closes even when bumped or kicked while in use, with a 15.3-inch diameter top providing enough room for a variety of uses, whether for holding your electronics by the bedside, your drinks while watching TV on the couch, or a smattering of supplies for the beach. It even comes with a storage bag, so you can stash it in the car boot for bringing to your summer outings.


Construction is solid oak for the legs and oak veneer for the top, with the latter either oiled or coated in a lacquer paint finish. It comes in four colors.


Available now, the Ta-bl is priced at £99.

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  1. Henry

    The Ta-bl can be used inside and out which is nice. It also looks great and is made of good materials. If you are looking for a decorative piece that can also be used, the the Ta-bl is a good choice. If you are looking for something that can be thrown around and used heavily,I am not sure the Ta-bl is the way to go. How durable is it? How much weight can be placed on it? It looks like the legs would come loose and snap if a teenager sat on it. I know the Ta-bl will last if it is used as intended, but home furniture products almost always get used in ways they were not intended to be used for. I want all manufactures to keep this in mind and overbuild all of their furniture so it is strong.

    It is lightweight which I actually don’t like, but I thunk it would be great for a senior citizen. It also folds up so you can stash it away. If you own a small home or are a disabled or a senior citizen then this might be right up your alley. For me though I will pass on it. I want something extra-sturdy.

  2. Penny

    We have plenty of tables and chairs in our backyard setup, but not a lot of options when it comes time to open up some additional space. This year I’ve been on the lookout for more adjustable or multiuse solutions. This cute table will be perfect for my girls to have their tea parties and coloring sessions, and will fit into the garage without a problem when we have larger family events. I really like the idea of placing it underneath other furniture because at less than 5 inches, it would be quite easy to hide. I’m tempted to get one for indoor use as well because the finish is absolutely beautiful. I love simple designs like this and the colors are really beautiful.


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