Four Bendable Legs Allow The Tablift To Keep Your Tablet Stable On Uneven Surfaces


There are plenty of stands available for holding your tablet hands-free on top of flat surfaces, like desks, counters, and floors. Problem is, those things don’t exactly work when you want to watch a movie or read a book while lying in bed, waiting to get sleepy. The Tablift, on the other hand, definitely will.

While it might look like a giant four-legged insect, the unusual design actually allows it to work on both even and uneven surfaces. Whether on the bed, the couch, or a pile of rocks on the beach, this thing will let you enjoy your mobile devices while keeping both hands unoccupied.


The Tablift has four flexible legs that can be positioned independently, allowing you to set things up at the perfect angle, regardless of what surface they will be stood on. A set of three grooves on the main body allows you to stand the tablet in three different viewing angles, with a clip tethered to the rear, ensuring it stays firmly in place even when you move it around frequently. It can work with any tablets that measure 10mm or less in thickness.


Features include rubber-tipped feet that won’t scratch tables and desks, as well as a folding design that allows it to bundle into a compact size for easily cramming into a corner of a backpack.   Dimensions are 5.75 x 3.2 x 1.75 inches for the body and 14 inches for each of the bendable legs.


Available now, the Tablift retails for $59.95.

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4 Responses

  1. William

    This is pretty cool and I can definitely see it’s usage for devices such as the iPad, since I’ve to date not discovered any comparable device or technology for usage with tablet products. It’s kind of funky looking, but it’s definitely obvious that it’s very flexible and has a lot of mobility to it. It looks well made and durable, especially considering that it’s going to have to bear the weight of a laptop or tablet when being used, plus any turbulence from the area or element in which it’s standing on. I think it’s a great idea for convenience, but at the same time, I think it says a lot about how lazy we’re getting as a society and it just promotes eating and doing things in the bed that probably shouldn’t be, in my opinion.

  2. amy

    i don’t know how good this looks for watching movies and stuff in bed. it looks really awkward and not like it fits in the best way for viewing without hurting your neck. i feel like with the legs and movements that this one is designed with, that it’d serve a greater purpose hoisted up somewhere or positioned on a shelf or something for watching or a nearby bureau. will it actually allow you to point it up though, like the iPad, for proper and comfortable viewing?

  3. Karen

    I knew it was just a matter of time before somebody made one of these. You wouldnt believe the crazy things I’ve done to prop up my screen. I’ve cut cereal boxes, used rubber bands and clips – … My hat goes off to the guy.. or gal who made this little gadget and got it financed and manufactured. I didnt have the backing, but I improvised like MacGyver

  4. smith

    nice concept and idea. I’ve definitely tried making my share of make-shift holders or placement devices for keeping the iPad up while watching it with my fiancé. it’s always really difficult, and you also have to be careful how you’re doing it, especially with laptops, because you don’t want them to overheat


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