These Tactical Wall Shelves Hide Your Guns In Plain Sight

The Couch Bunker is awesome at keeping your guns hidden and out of the way.  But if you’re not quite up to trading in your favorite couch for one, these Tactical Wall Shelves should make for an equally discreet alternative.

At first glance, they just look like regular mounted shelves with some extra reinforcement at the bottom.  But they aren’t.  Instead, the bottom unit actually folds out to reveal a concealed compartment that can hold an assortment of handguns, rifles, and other deadly weapons.

Two sizes of The Tactical Wall Shelf are available: 825 PLS and 1242 RLS.  PLS, short for pistol-length shelf, measures 25 x 8 x1.5 inches (w x d x h), while the RLS, short for rifle length shelf, measures 4 x 12 x 1.5 inches (w x d x h).  Each shelf comes with customizable foam pad for organizing your guns and accessories, so you can arrange them to suit your specific collection.  Since they’re masquerading to be mere shelves, the locks are invisible and will need to be disengaged using the included magnetic keys before the secure compartment can be opened.  All mounting hardware necessary is included.

The gun compartment shelves are designed to mount on standard 2 x 4 walls, so no interior modifications is required to install it in most homes.  Construction is hardwood and poplar.

Pricing for the Tactical Wall Shelves are $295 for the PLS and $395 for the RLS.  It comes in three finishes.

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10 Responses

  1. sam

    Not a huge fan of the unlocking system. Ie loss magnetic keys, or if you really need to access your weapons quickly.

    I think biometrics is the way to go for something like this.

  2. redeyejedi

    Why on earth would anyone in a civilized country need something like this?
    I guess I answered my own question there…

      • Redopz

        Listen to RustyShakleford. In fact, just last week my grandmother was abducted by slavers (we suspect the nursing home employees were looking for a quick buck). That was the eye opener my family needed. Now were going to buy ten of these, two for the living room, two for the bathrooms, three for the master bedroom, and one in each of the kids’ rooms. Now I pity the poor, unfortunate slaver that tries to hit up this house.

      • Skeptix

        1. You are insane.

        2. You are a liar. Think about your story. Your “grandmother” was in a nursing home, implying she is unable to care for herself. Yet, she was abducted by slavers. WTF good is an invalid old lady going to do as a slave?

        Surely her fat, lying, paranoid grandson would make a better slave.

  3. Trent

    I’m pretty sure we don’t “need” a lot of things that we use in everyday life but fortunately if o want to conceal my guns I can do that, and it’s your right to be a vegan and vote for a criminal who will take away those rights.

    And who says this is a civilized country? If you lived in Chicago or DC or anywhere that failed gun ban policies have failed, you would want something like this to protect your family in the off chance you might need it. Dangerous world we live in with BLM people being racist towards whites and not wanting to work for anything or earn things themselves. Easier to rob someones home than it is to get a job, them blame the system for there lack of goals and motivation in life. Go get a life instead of talking ahit about things you don’t like


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