Tassimo Brewbot Makes Hot Drinks, Thinks It’s A Robot

In a perfect world, a coffee-making robot will not just make you a hot drink, it will rouse you up from bed with a steaming fresh cup in hand.  Since you can't have that yet, you might as well make do with this: the Tassimo Brewbot.

Designed to make enjoying a delicious cup of your favorite hot drink as simple as possible, the compact kitchen appliance can make your choice of seven different drinks at the push of a button.  While that's nowhere as awesome as a robot that can destroy cities, it does make other coffee makers quake in their boots, shameful at their utter lack of advanced brewing abilities.

The Brewbot can wield its technological wizardy to make regular brewed coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, tea, hot chocolate or crema coffee, all with a single press, which makes it infinitely more convenient than having to drive to the local Starbucks for your morning perk-up.  Catch is, it only works with Tassimo's own T-Discs, which house single-serve packs of those drinks mentioned above.  For variety, they do offer different coffee brands, including Gevalia, Maxwell House, Mastro Lorenzo, Jacobs, Kenco, Café HAG and more.

Despite the perpetuating expense on your part that goes directly into Tassimo's pockets, the appliance does succeed at putting gourmet coffee easily within reach.  Provided you've stocked up on the T-Discs, of course.  Otherwise, say hello to another drive and a long line at the nearest coffee chain.

The Tassimo Brewbot comes in three models (T20, T45, T65), with prices starting at $129.99.   For those wary of the impending robot uprising, don't worry -- we doubt this can do anything harmful (let's face it, it's not really a robot).


6 Responses

  1. Susan Mawson

    If this coffee pot is not a robot, how can they show it in their commercials. That’s not just false advertising, it’s downright mean. If I had bought this product, I would have returned it and I expect a lot of others will, too.

  2. gulible

    Really? I mean seriously how old are u, grow up? I saw it on T.V it must be true!
    Have we become that lazy that we really need a robot to make our coffee, not to mention the dependence of technology we have come to rely on. Disappoitment in the human race

  3. Mcfly

    I know right. Why don’t the King bring me a Whopper? By the way why doesn’t my Droid turn into a crazy red eyed snow melting texting robot. Mine must be broke.

  4. loree

    dude im 13 and i think that the robot coffee maker is like the coolest thing ever when we bought it it does everything

  5. heather

    not a lot of peeps will buy this awsome cool fabulous product cause it is kinda expensive so my oppinion is 2 drop the prices a bit


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