4K, Built-In Roku, And Affordable Pricing Makes TCL’s Newest TVs A Hard Deal To Ignore


Sure, TCL may not be the first name that comes up when you’re searching for quality TVs. In terms of pound-per-pound value, though, it’s going to be hard to deny all the sweet things TCL’s 4K Roku Smart LED TVs bring to the ring. And while it isn’t exactly a knockout, sometimes, that’s all you need to get the judges’ nod (sorry, I just watched the Andre Ward fight, lol).

Instead of getting a TV and a streaming box, TCL’s set brings you both in a single package. That’s right, a full ultra-HD TV with Roku’s streaming software onboard, so you can enjoy your favorite online channels as soon as you plug the TV in and hook it up with your home’s WiFi network.


TCL’s 4K Roku Smart LED TV lineup is getting six new models this year: two in the S-Series line (55- and 65-inches) and four in the premium P130 Series (43-, 50-, 55-, and 65-inches).  All models get quad-core SOCs to provide the processing muscle, along with dual-band WiFi for uninterrupted streaming (you can also the Ethernet port for a wired connection).  Aside from the enhanced clarity and detail 4K should bring to your viewing experience, the sets come with TCL’s proprietary upscaling engine for recoding erstwhile 1080p content to ultra-HD quality, full LED array backlighting, stereo speakers, 120Hz refresh rate, and premium metallic finish.

You can control the Roku interface either with an app or with the specially designed Roku TV remote.  The P130 series gets a special remote, by the way, which comes with an integrated headphone jack, a locating beacon, and a mic that you can use to perform voice search on the Roku interface.

Available for preorder now, pricing for the TCL 4K Roku Smart LED TV starts at $599.99.


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  1. Pete

    $600 for a 4K TV with a built-in Roku is a great deal. When I need to replace my TV this will definitely be one on my watch list. Do you think they might drop the price even more on Black Friday?

    Usually when a 4K TV is sold at a discounted price it means they left off a lot of the good stuff. I can’t see what they did with this one because it includes everything you could want and more. It has a 4K screen, personalized home screen, a Roku, interaction with your smart phone, and even the dual-band WIFI with an Ethernet port!

    Since you can buy it on Amazon, you can feel comfortable with their return policy. Amazon is very friendly to the consumers, so If a problem later pops up, Amazon will help correct it. The question is, Why wouldn’t you buy this cheap 4K television? I cannot see any reasons that this would not be a valuable investment for you.

    The 65” is going for $999.99, which is a good value for a huge 4K screen with all the goodies included. The 55” though is an amazing bargain. It is only $599.99. That is an amazing deal. You should hop on this offer before they decide to jack the prices up.


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