Here’s A Fly Fishing Rod You Can Squeeze In Your Pocket


Most tenkara rods tend to be lightweight and compact, since it’s a stripped-down, minimalist take on fly fishing that puts the focus on the activity, rather than the equipment.   The Pocket Fly Fishing Rod, though, takes compact to a whole new level, with a rig that can collapse into a tube you can literally carry in your pocket.

Made by Idaho-based Tenkara Rod Co, the tenkara rod collapses into a tube measuring just 10 inches long, making it zero hassle to keep around, whether in a backpack pouch, a jacket pocket, or in the back of your jeans. That way, you can bring functional fishing equipment without adding any extra bulk to your stash, so you can angle some trout at a moment’s notice, while you’re camping, hiking, or just soaking in the outdoor air.


The Pocket Fly Fishing Rod comes in two models: the Mini Sawtooth and the Mini Teton. The former is a 9-foot rod designed for catching fish 14 inches and under, with the latter measuring a longer 12 feet for handling medium-sized fish. Both fit in similarly-sized 10-inch tubes (along with the line) when not in use, weighing just 1.1 oz and 1.9 oz, respectively, making them ideal for bringing to those mountain streams and lakes hiding in more secluded locations.

To ensure the rods perform capably even while collapsing to such a small size, they’re both constructed from high-quality carbon fiber and are built with more sections than traditional rods (15 and 20 sections, respectively, compared to the usual eight). Each one comes with a slightly rubberized first section for easier handling, with all accessories included in the package (line clips, flies, and tippet), so you can start fishing out of the box.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Pocket Fly Fishing Rod. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $140.

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  1. Szabolcs Németh


    I would like to offer my product:

    Swiss Army Knife of fishing rods—multifunctional, small, durable, with award-winning design

    This incredible new product is the Swiss Army Knife of fishing rods. It’s multifunctional, small, durable, and offers an award-winning design. Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world with a fishing rod, and never having to worry about damaging or breaking it. Users can swap parts according to what method they are using and what fish they are trying to catch. The minimum size of the smallest version for transportation is only 25 cm or ten inches.
    Compact Fishing System’s patent pending, compact fishing rod allows users to equip all existing reels thanks to the removable trigger. Made from stainless steel spring poles, CNC machined – sea water-resistant 6061 T6 – aluminum reel seat, hardwood handles, and uses no plastics. The result is a truly unbreakable fishing rod, which is made to last for several decades.

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    Szabolcs Németh


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