Tesla Model 3 Brings 215 Miles Of Range And 0 To 60 Of Under 6 Seconds


Yes, the Chevy Bolt handily beat it to the punch, but that doesn’t mean Tesla isn’t on its feet swinging. That’s right, the electric car outfit finally unveiled the Tesla Model 3, their long-awaited all-electric sedan aimed at the mass market.

As promised, the new model is the company’s most affordable car yet, with the base model starting at just $35,000 before incentives. That clears the price hurdle a long way compared to the company’s three previous cars, all while retaining some of the things that made Tesla’s cars well-loved among modern drivers, including satisfying speeds, decent range, and excellent safety features.


While we didn’t expect the Tesla Model 3 to come anywhere near the other cars in speed, it does outpace most expectations, accelerating from 0 to 60 in just under six seconds. It also does 215 miles in a single charge, apart from clearing a 5-star safety rating in every single category.  Like the Model S, it will come in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive flavors, with room in the cabin to comfortably sit five adults and even cram a seven-foot surfboard. Autopilot safety features come standard, along with access to Tesla’s supercharging network.


From the outside, the absence of a grille has to be one of the most striking visual elements – something many electric cars haven’t really adopted despite an electric powertrain’s lack of need for one. Other features include a single continuous piece of glass from the front to the rear roof section, front and rear trunks for storage, and a 15-inch touchscreen on the dash in landscape orientation.

The Tesla Model 3 comes out in the end of 2017, although the outfit is now taking preorders for a modest $1,000 down payment.



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  1. Dave Leroy

    There is so much hype with model and to see that people are standing in line to get a deposit down says a lot about the company.

    • Daniel

      This is the future. People are not buying this car because it is an “eco-car” and good for the environment. People are buying this car because it is more desirable then a Corvette. The Tesla is the future.

      With a Tesla you can drive coast-to-coast and not buy any fuel. The oil industry is planning for a future where it continues to sell to factories and commercial uses, but fuel as an additive to mke your car move is rapidly coming to an end. The big car manufacturers like Chevy and Ford have had ample time to create a car like the Tesla and the refused to because they were simply focused on profits. Now they are scared of Teslas success and playing catch-up.

      Toyota has had great success with the Prius, but Tesla is leading the major innovation when it comes to the future of cars.

      Tesla gets a lot of hate from some people. So be it. If people want to continue buying cars that run on fuel then have at it. The Tesla Model 3 is the step to get the cars even more affordable. Once the price drops even more in the future as their manufacturing can keep up with demand, then Tesla will be replacing one of their competitors as one of the Big 3 car manufacturers. You are witnessing the future here.

      The only other car company trying to do their own thing is Elio with their $6,800 car. Yest it gets astronomical MPG, but it still relies on fuel. Tesla makes environmentally friendly cars that are sexy, reliable, and fun to drive. I cannot wait for the price to drop even more so I can afford one. Is the Tesla perfect? No it isn’t, but it is much closer to perfection than anything Ford and Chevy is putting out.

  2. Betzy

    I’m new to the car world as far as engine power and those types of specifics are concerned but let me tell you, this car got my attention from day one. It has always been a goal of mine to have my own electric car but none of them have looked aesthetically appealing. Finally, a beautifully looking as well as affordable car for those of us who don’t exactly make bank. I work hard for my money and I am looking forward to owning a car the environment isn’t going to roll its eyes at. Oh and the safety features are fantastic, if you haven’t already, be sure to take a look!


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