TextBlade Is A Bluetooth Keyboard That Compacts To The Size Of A Pocket Knife


I’ve grown to be accustomed to using the virtual keyboard on my phone, but that doesn’t mean I’ve fallen in love with it. Truth be told, I want a real keyboard, although I’m just not quite enthused with the pocket-sized Bluetooth QWERTY keys available today. Could TextBlade be the mobile keyboard we've been waiting for all this time?

Unlike most mobile keyboards, this isn’t just pocket-sized, it’s way small. In fact, it looks more like a large thumb drive or a small pocket knife, rather than a smartphone-sized slab the way most mobile QWERTY rigs do.


During use, TextBlade can detach into four different pieces: two that serve as the main keyboard, one that acts as a spacebar, and a last one that serves as a stand that holds phones and tablets upright at a slight angle.   That way, you can park on a desk with this thing and quickly type on a phone with a similar convenience you enjoy when typing on a laptop at home. The keyboard can pair to any iOS and Android phone via Bluetooth, with the onboard battery (housed inside the spacebar) able to provide a full month’s use on a single charge.


It uses the same character map as regular QWERTY, but employs a unique design that divides all characters among just eight oversized keys. The entire key will depress, regardless of which one of its characters you press, at which point the built-in multi-touch technology comes in to determine which character your finger was actually pressing. Creator WayTools claims the key feel is remarkably similar to that when typing on desktop keyboards, a feat achieved using their patented MagLever mechanism.

The TextBlade is currently available for preorder. Price is $99.

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4 Responses

  1. Amy Pert

    This is a really cool device, and it’s about time they made something like this. Not sure how it’ll work, because it looks like it might be a bit annoying to type on, but that’s just me. I’d totally try it out and how it works, I’d probably end up buying it.

  2. conteur

    Is this keyboard available with “azerty” keys ?




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