Use These Clamps To Easily Add Tie-Down Hooks To Your Truck’s Bed Rails


Chances are, your pickup truck’s bed comes with tie-down loops for securing your cargo. Chances are, however, that those same loops are also fixed in inconvenient locations. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to install aftermarket anchors into their trucks. And while there’s no shortage of those, these Tie-Down Anchors offer a more convenient alternative.

Instead of being installed permanently somewhere on the truck, they’re designed be set up and removed with equal ease. That way, you can put anchors in one place to haul a bunch of bike parts and install them somewhere else when you need to carry furniture another time.


Made by Lee Valley, the Tie-Down Anchors install by simply clamping on the bed rail, instantly giving you a place to hold down ropes and bungees.  You can set them up anywhere on either rail, allowing for limitless configurations, with a size that should accommodate most every size of railing found on pickup trucks and utility trailers. A zinc-plated clamping screw ensures they hold securely in place, with a pivoting foot allowing the screw to sit flush on both flat and angled surfaces.

It can hold ropes up to three-quarters of an in diameter, with a PVC-coated steel construction allowing each anchor to support up to 600 pounds of weight. And, yes, you can totally use them as hooks around the house (provided you have the rails to clamp them onto) if you’re not using them for the truck.

Available in packs of four, the Lee Valley Tie-Down Anchors are priced at $14.95.

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  1. Michael

    These anchors are a great value at $14.95 for a pack of 4. They look very easy to install and can support up to 600 pounds. These anchors won’t replace my truck anchors that are built-in to the bed, but they will supplement them. With a couple of extra hangers mounted on it will be much easier to tarp my loads.

    I have seen many add-on truck anchors but they are often permanently installed or not very reliable. These look like they will work amazingly, as long as they don’t slip in heavy rain or extreme cold weather.

    • Noah

      The problem with these are they won’t fit all truck beds. If they don’t fit the clearance of your frame then you are screwed, unless you want to mount some permanently. They should have came out with some that fit frames with a steeper clearance. 3/4″ coul dbe altered into a 1″ for the thicker frames, and would still work on the smaller frames. It looks like they just cheaped out on them by only offering the single size.


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