Titanium Escape Ring Helps You Break Out of Handcuffs, Ropes And More

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you.  And if you wear your paranoid badge with pride, you will want to keep yourself armed to survive any unfortunate situation.  If you ever have fears about finding yourself abducted with your limbs bound by duct tape, we suggest trading in the wedding ring for this Titanium Escape Ring.

Designed to look like an innocent wedding band, it looks like a standard cheap wedding ring -- the kind you have when you knocked up your girl at 20 and eloped instead of having a wedding that actually costs money.  But, alas, it isn't.  Instead, the ring hides a pair of mini-tools on the inside of the band, which you can use to free yourself out of a bind.

The Titanium Escape Ring is cut from solid barstock, then polished to a mirror finish.  Unlike ordinary rings, it packs a combo handcuff shim pick and mini-saw, both of which are completely hidden out of sight.  Since the ring sits in your finger the whole time, the tools should be easy to deploy whenever the need arises, allowing you to pick handcuffs, cut ropes, break zip ties, saw through duct tape, and more.  The shim pick and saw tool is cut from stainless steel and measures 2 x 0.125 x 0.016 inches.

Need one to assuage your daily paranoid feelings?  The Titanium Escape Ring is available in five sizes (9,10, 11, 12, 13) from Shomer-Tec, priced at $69.

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9 Responses

  1. kennedy

    i feel like the tiny saw would end up sawing into your finger and to me that seems like a design flaw…

    • Ben Zonah

      Kennedy- you’re reviewing a product you’ve obviously never even seen, yet you allege a design flaw! You have absolutely no credibility to malign something you haven’t the slightest knowledge of. Maybe spend your time inventing something rather than denigrating something really innovative that someone else did. BTW, I purchased one of these recently, and it doesn’t impact your skin whatsoever. Actually, its the coolest thing I’ve bought in a long time! Do everybody a favor and don’t make them waste their time reading your ignorant and silly allegations.


      • The Oracle

        And it should have “kennedy” was blowing smoke out his armpits.

      • adam

        lol dude chill, are you the inventor or something i had the same thought it does look like it would cut your skin and yeah it does seem like a design flaw but thats just first looks chill

      • me

        Despite your vociferous outburst you would still want to promote your product in a way that the outside consumer wouldn’t immediately think of sawing their fingers off.

      • kennedy

        LOL you’re trying to justify your regret for buying this shitty ring.

  2. Drew

    I am curious if the ring is pure titanium or titanium alloy? If it is pure titanium then it won’t cut much of anything since titanium is rather soft on the hardness scale. Titanium alloy however is almost as strong as diamond and seems like it would work as this is advertised. Titanium alloy is also typically much more expensive than this.

    • Anton

      I got one of these last year, still wear it everyday- you never know! The ring is solid titanium, but the ring isn’t what does the cutting- it’s the micro saw tool inside, which is stainless steel.


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