Torque Headphones Use Modular Components For Customizing Sound Profile


It doesn’t matter how good your headphones are, it still won’t work best with every type of music imaginable. Simply put, headphones are usually engineered to play best with a specific type of music, sacrificing a crisp high sound for a massive bass, for instance. Not the case with Torque, a line of modular headphones that can be customized to accommodate whatever you want to listen to on the fly.

The top-of-the-line is a customizable pair of headphones called T402V that can be equipped as an on-ear or over-the-ear type (swappable ear pads). It packs 40mm neodymium drivers, which use the company’s bio-cell diaphragm, a proprietary design that, according to the company, is “unparalleled in acoustic performance,” delivering both “a higher velocity and a near ridiculous dynamic range.” Not only can the form factor be adjusted, but also the sound, with four possible bass settings that you switch into by simply turning both ear pads. Features include three-way articulation to help you find the best fit, a spring steel-reinforced headband, and a flat-folding design for easy portability.


Second on Torque’s roster is the T096Z, a pair of in-ear headphones that use the company’s 9mm bio-cell membrane diaphragm transducers. While the on-ear above can only get bass adjustments, this one steps customizability up a notch by using what they’re calling TorqueValves, a set of swappable tuning tips that use a technique called subtractive equalization to adjust the EQ of the audio piping out of the buds. Six of these TorqueValves are available, each one designed to play best with a specific type of music. Features include full machined brass housing, six swappable silicone ear tips, and an in-line mic.


Last is the T103Z, which has already been around for the last year. This pair of ear buds boast 10mm dynamic neodymium drivers and customizability via the same swappable TorqueValves as the T096Z.

Pre-orders for Torque’s headphones are now ongoing over at Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit (everything ships within the next two to three months) starts at $70.

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  1. Matthew

    I love the looks of these, especially as someone that DJ’s for fun! These look really impressive, and the technology it uses is definitely original. To be able to adjust the EQ and Bass just by turning the earplugs buttons is genius! This is so convenient, and when compared to “Top Brands” like Beats, these more than appear to be justified in the investment of merely $70.00. They have so many color-varieties, you can tell the creators put a lot of time into customizing the experience and satisfying a broad range of consumers. The Gold and Black ones in the demo-picture look incredibly impressive, very professional. Taking into consideration the massive Bass these bad boys pack, in addition to the 40mm neodymium drivers technology which I’ve never seen before, these are by far the coolest headphones I’ve seen to-date! Can’t wait to get my hands on them and hit up their kick-starter campaign for a pair asap.


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