Touchjet Pond Projects A Giant Touchscreen Tablet On The Wall


Phones with pico projectors never really took off. We’re not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s the lack of resolution, maybe it’s the extra size, or maybe the people who actually needed projectors were willing to invest in higher-quality devices.  The Touchjet Pond is doing things a different way, turning pico projectors into giant touchscreen devices, allowing you to project a giant tablet screen up the wall.

Unlike other pico projectors that merely beam images up a wall, you can interact with the Pond’s projected display as if it was touchscreen. Sadly, it doesn’t behave like a regular capacitive touchscreen, so you have to tap and swipe onscreen with the included infrared stylus, which beams a light onto the display that the system tracks to determine what action you just committed.


The Touchjet Pond beams images up to 80 inches (diagonal) in size, although the resolution is a bit low at 854 x 480 pixels. If you can live with the sub-par detail, it does boast great color reproduction on top of a feature set that you don’t normally see in pico projection systems. Aside from the stylus, you can interact with the system using the included remote’s D-pad and “air mouse” system, the latter of which tracks the handheld’s movement and replicates it using an on-screen cursor. It comes with Android 4.4 KitKat, so it can run, pretty much, any app compatible with the platform, although the battery will only last for up to two hours of use (if the LCD lamp is set at 50 lumens, at that) before requiring a recharge. Details include a 1.66GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, 18GB of storage, and a size similar to larger phones but double the thickness.


Available now, the Touchjet Pond is priced at $599.

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  1. William

    This is very impressive technology. It’s definitely unique that it is also designed to be interactive. I was looking into HUD technology recently for my vehicle’s GPS. This is a great innovative technology, and is seemingly intertwined with the development of Holography technologies. The definition is great on this one, and the resolution is a very clear level. Do the lights have to be turned off and the room dimmed even through the windows for the most optimal performance though? The ‘Air Mouse’ technology is really cool, and reminds me of the touch-compatible (holographic) desktop in a recent modern movie I watched. It was really neat, and displayed all pertinent details, personal life data, and even the local news webpage in the center of the room which was really neat–but primarily located against the wall.
    I feel like the price for this is not very reasonable, and would find the range of $150-$300.00 USD to be more practical considering what you’re getting, and the quality of product.

  2. Karen

    Is it me, or does this seem like a little bit MUCH to buy for the kids to fool around with? I guess I’m just old fashioned, and remember the days of playing with dirt. lol

    Projectors have come a long way since 1979! My friend bought the plans to turn any regular tv into a projector tv. He paid like 40 bucks for it. That was a lot of money back then.

    The crazy plans instructed the buyer to remove the back of the tv, and then turn the picture tube upside down so it could be reflected some weird way onto the wall. It wasnt a complete rip off- it did reflect onto the wall, but it was very dim.

    Mind you this was back in the day when everyone had black and white tvs still in their homes – and maybe a color one for the main veiwing.

  3. William

    That’s crazy, is this with kids in mind? I’d never trust a kid or teen with such a high-tech advice, especially because it’s so expensive! Haha did he really or are you kidding??! that’s crazy! i remember the knobs for turning the television! do you remember how big the back of the older tv’s were? the one i have in my room is like 40″ and it’s one of the ones with a huge heavy back, but well it’s way cheaper and does the trick just fine than a 40″ flat-screen. not like you could buy an old school one outside of craigslist or eBay really. this would have to be an under-strict supervision kind of setup if i were to let my godson play with it with his phone-apps!

  4. nancy

    i wouldn’t be again letting my kids play some angry birds on this thing. besides, theres a lot of education apps out on both the Android and Apple market too. pretty neat, but i’d have to invest in a good cover or protector for this not only for the kids, but myself too! pricy piece of equipment, but its a good brand, and an A-9 processor is impressive technology. nice!


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