Toyota Prius Prime Brings Industry-Leading 120MPGe


While Prius might have pioneered things in the high-MPG automobile space, it lost plenty of luster in recent years as competitors stepped in with cars that do the original one better.  And while the Toyota Prius Prime doesn’t quite beat all comers on all fronts, it does raise the brand’s game, bringing it in line with what’s currently in the market.

Housing a new plug-in hybrid powertrain under the hood, the car boasts an estimated 120 MPGe – the highest equivalent efficiency of any plug-in in the market. That, of course, only keeps up as long as the 8.8 kWh battery remains juiced, with efficiency going down to around 52 mpg once it runs out.


The Toyota Prius Prime is long, wider, and lower than its predecessor, giving the vehicle a more road-hugging stance. In hybrid mode, the car can be powered by a combination of the dual motor drive system and the 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, 4-cylinder engine, as well as on pure electric power alone, so you can save the gas for quick trips to the local mini-mart.  Do note, it can only run exclusively using the motors for up to 22 miles on a full charge, with the range extending to 600 miles with the battery and gas tank filled up.


Inside, the car is just as equipped, with dual 4.2-inch full color TFT displays, an 11.6-inch HD multimedia touchscreen, and a premium JBL audio system, along with a large selection of cabin options, including Qi wireless charging, a heads-up display, and radar-based cruise control.  Safety features include a pre-collision system, pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, and a built-in parking valet.


No pricing has been announced, but the Toyota Prius Prime is slated to come out in the fall.

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  1. Pete

    I am a huge fan of any car that will keep me from having to buy as much fuel. Each car that fits this description also has some downsides.

    The Nissan Leaf: Not enough range and a horrible resale value.

    Tesla: Awesome cars but too expensive at this point for me and a range of just over 200 miles.

    Elio: Great car if it ever makes it to production. 86 miles to the gallon and a price of $6,800. The downside to the Elio is it is NOT being produced yet and the car only has 2 seats.

    The Toyota Prius Prime is currently the top leading car in my opinion. Its range is much longer than the Tesla. With the Prius Prime you will still be donating more money to the Arabs then you would like, but on a long trip it is nice not to have to stop for 30 minutes or more every 200 miles to recharge your car.

    Unlike the Elio, there is room for more than 2 people.

    The range of the Toyota Prius Prime is much better for the real world when compared with the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Leaf has so much potential, but a limited-range means it has a very limited demographic of who the car would work for. There is no limitation with the Toyota Prius Prime. The resale values are also much higher than the Leafs.

    • frank purdu

      Elio will be a deathtrap. Barely safer than a motorcycle IMO. Might be ok in the city but even then people are dumb drivers wouldnt want to be crushed at a red light.


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