Trucker’s Friend Is A Multi-Tool For Big Rig Drivers

Any time a multi-tool looks like a hand-to-hand combat weapon right off a post-apocalypse movie, we have to gush. And gush like young girls at a Justin Bieber concert is exactly what we do at the Trucker's Friend, a multi-purpose tool designed for the cats with greasy mesh caps, flannel shirts and a sweaty crack sneaking out the back of their pants.  Or whatever other truck driver stereotype you subscribe to.

Made by Innovation Factory,  the contraption integrates a number of functions that professional truckers frequently find themselves needing while out in the open road.  Whether you need to hack, pry, pull or pound anything, it's supposed to get the job done like a boss.

The Trucker's Friend multi-tool measures 21 x 2 x 5.5 inches, with a fiberglass handle and a shock-absorbing grip.  The selection of tools are all available right on the head, which include a large curved axe, a hammer, a nail puller, a spanner, a pry bar, a lever, a tire chain hook, a wire twist, a debris remover and a shank.   It comes with a durable sheath for keeping the blade covered up when not in use.

Like every good road tool, this looks perfectly capable of severing zombie heads, so it should serve your post-apocalyptic mercenary needs just fine, too.  It's available now, priced at $49.95.



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  1. Mike

    I think you are off just a bit on this one. I am making an assumption here, but I believe that this was intended to be an alternative to the truckman’s axe, which is a common tool used by fire fighters who work on a “truck company”. This is not to be confused with engine companies, rescue companies, and others.

    Truck companies perform the following (you may see a use for this tool in these jobs):
    •Laddering of the upper areas for occupant rescues and firefighters’ access. Most importantly, these ladders serve as emergency egress for firefighters when they find it necessary to escape.
    •Quick ventilation. Ventilation channels fire, fire gases, and smoke out of the building, giving occupants a better chance of survival. It also removes the punishing heat off engine company hose teams while they advance to the seat of the fire.
    •Forcible entry operations. They make possible firefighter access and egress from doors and windows.
    •Support of interior engine operations. Truck company members assist the engine company by pulling ceilings and opening walls to expose hidden fire while the engine is stretching its hoseline down the hall to the fire compartment.

  2. Borkti

    Being a CERT (that’s Community Emergency Response Team) trainer, I would put one of these in my backpack in a heartbeat. It would be perfect for shutting off natural gas at the meter, opening a way into a collapsed building, shoveling s76t out of the way to get to a trapped individual, lifting/prying stuff off said individual, etc. And only 50 bucks.


  3. Diana

    Mike, are you thinking of a variation on a Halligan tool? I thought of that, too, when I saw this. And that curve at the end looks like a peavey, but only for small tree limbs. Could be handy in the right (so to speak) circumstances!


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