TrunkMonkey Might Be The Simplest, Fastest Way To Mount Any Bike Onto Any Car


Like most bike racks, you can use the TrunkMonkey to mount your Hunting Bicycle on the back of your car, allowing you to drive up to a backwoods trail with your two-wheeled steed in tow. Unlike them, the rack can be clipped off from your car in seconds, allowing you to remove it without any tools or laborious work.

Described as a “fully-portable, inflatable bike carrier,” you simply blow up the TrunkMonkey, clip it to the back of your car, and mount the bicycle using the integrated straps. When you’re done, just unbuckle the straps to retrieve the bike, unclip the rack to remove it from the car, deflate the air bag to collapse the entire thing, and dump everything into the included carrying bag.  Easy.


The TrunkMonkey’s air bag is designed to keep the bike from touching any part of the car, ensuring the bike doesn’t nick any part of your paint job (or do worse damage), no matter what happens during the drive. Since it uses clips, straps, and buckles for mounting, it doesn’t just mount tool-free, the rack can be set up on practically any vehicle, too, for truly universal function. It comes with a 12-volt DC air pump that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle to blow it up in two minutes, although you can use the integrated air valve to manually pump the whole thing, in case you have a little more time on your hands.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the TrunkMonkey. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $125.

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  1. Max

    This is an awesome invention! I love how they designed it to be so portable, and convenient to use while still protecting your car from any damage. Can this hold more than one bike? I like this a lot, and know that most racks literally cost hundreds of dollars. It doesn’t look cheaply made, and for the price, I imagine it to be reasonably durable. The Orange color scheme is cool, and unique. The clipping mechanism and simple installation are very desirable for consumers to try out this product! The only thing is, I’d want to see a demo-video and read reviews first just to ensure it won’t defect and fail to hold, or drop my bicycle any any time for any reason, and that it can withstand high-speeds on a highway for example without coming apart.


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