UCO Stakelight Puts LEDs On Tent Stakes For Instant Camp Lighting


If you’re going to pitch a tent, you’re going to need stakes.  And if you’re going to make life functional around that tent at night, you’re going to need light.  So why not put a light on a stake to get both things done with one tool?  That’s exactly what they did with the UCO Stakelight.

Like any tent peg, you can drive it to the ground and use it to hold the tent down.  Except, you know, it comes with a built-in LED light that you can switch on come night fall to keep things visible around camp.  Whether in the backcountry, at the beach, or on a lakeside hunt for a probably non-existent swamp monster, using this thing to keep your tent grounded nets you a secondary utility that everyone can appreciate.


Each UCO Stakelight comes with removable LED modules, so you can take them out and use them as a lighting source for other places around camp.  It comes with two modes: Area for serving as camp light and Strobe for marking the tent location, so you don’t have to waste power unnecessarily if you just need a way to see the tent at night. A single AAA battery powers each LED, which can last up to 10 straight hours in Area mode and up to 24 hours in Strobe.  And, yes, it can handle rain, with the actual stake cut in 6000-series aluminum and the electronics enclosed inside an IPX6-compliant case.


Available now, the UCO Stakelight is priced at $16.99 for a set of four.

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2 Responses

  1. Tina H.

    Very cool. I love to camp and having enough lighting is always a chore. The price for these is not that bad and as long as you can direct the light, its a product I would purchase.

  2. Pete

    Light-up LED tent stakes can attract mosquitos and other bugs, but it is a small-price to pay for safety. I cannot tell you how many times I have woken up groggy in my tent, stepped out to go use the bathroom, and tripped over a tent stake. At best I simply fall down and cuss, at worst I twisted my ankle and ruined my weekend when we had to leave early.

    Besides being very practical, the lights look really good lit up by the tent. The illumination can also help if you take a young child woth you who may be used to sleeping with a night-lite on. the UCO Stakelight The stakes can handle rain, but what about snow? I spend a couple weekends each year camping in the snow. If these can handle some colder weather like that then this would be a product I can see a lot of hunters buying. Even if they are only good for summer camping, these are a good value. You can also simply use these in your yard when you are having a BBQ. A light-up tent stake would allow you to help illuminate trouble areas such as the gopher hole that someone could easily step in.

    The LED can be removed from the tent stake, which makes these very versatile. I would definitely like to own a couple sets of these.


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