Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper Works For All Occasions


Hate shopping for wrapping papers?  I do (well, I detest shopping for anything actually).  Why can't somebody just print one that will be fitting for all gift-giving occasions?    Oh wait, turns out someone did and this Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper should do the trick nicely.

Created by Fabio Milito, the all-season wrapper is simple white paper with a bunch of letters printed on it.  The letters aren't random, of course, with twenty different greetings hiding among the matrix of lined characters.

The Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper comes with a cheat sheet, in case you're really bad at puzzles and can't figure out where "Happy Birthday" is.  Oh yeah, in case you're giving just one gift for multiple occasions (say, it's a belated birthday gift and an advanced Christmas gift) because that's how cheapskates roll, all you have to do is encircle multiple greetings and you're done.

According to the product page, the Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper is currently sold out.  Since it's just a letter matrix printed on a sheet of paper, we're pretty sure you might try to print one on your own printer.  Just don't forget to send some royalty donations to the inventor.

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  1. Kylian

    My day would be made if I were to receive a present wrapped in this all season Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper. Truly, a great idea. It is no fun trying to choose between two equally bad wrapping papers for an all important present anyways, and the worst part is that by the time you make the decision, your clumsy hands end up making wrinkles and smudges on the glossy paper. The innovation in the Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper is for all to see, but apart from that, it has a sense of serenity and style to it that adds a lot of charisma to the overall packaging. Holy Lord, this one does make a statement, and does so without being glitzy. Fabio Milito, wherever you are, take a bow for having thought out something as brilliant as the Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper.

  2. Joze

    I think most of you out there would agree that buying a present for someone special is a particularly tough job. I remember having spent close to a month in planning out a gift for one of my best pals close to an year back. And it ultimately boils down to how you package it out. The first impression they say is the last one. They might not be completely right, but hell, they make sense. The Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper would make the cut any day, any time (of course if you don’t wish to present somebody on the World Environment Day) with its intelligent and simplistic style. Too bad this thing did not make it to the deeper markets. Even worse to note that it is out of stock. I wonder how such a remarkable product can find a way to go out of production!

  3. Owais

    What a relief it would be to let the git wrapper selection worries go into thin air. You could very well pick the Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper with your eyes closed and wrap your gift into it. Even if the occasion doesn’t appear on the word grid, be thick skinned and mark out ’IT IS NOT A TIE.’ I would have most certainly bought a family pack had this been offered on my neighbourhood stores. I must check out the internet for a similar sort of word grid image to get printed on some thick sheets in order to have my own homemade version of the Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper. I hope that would not account as a copyright infringement.

  4. Yespianna

    Cheers to the power of innovation, and three cheers to the fact that there are no electronic transistors involved in this super duper cool product. The Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper has really impressed me with the absolute simplicity of the concept and the sheer common sense of the maker. How’s this for making an impact when you gift something special to someone special. Better still, one could try out a custom made grid for some special occasion to multiply the happiness the recipient of the gift gets.


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