Unofish Made Expensive Luxury Basketballs To Go With Your Expensive Designer Sneakers


For the type of guy who struts down to the local basketball court with their feet adorned in designer sneakers, carrying a rubber Spalding ball just doesn’t seem like a fitting combination. It might be time to invest in a ball that’s every bit as stylish as your favorite pair of kicks and that is why these Unofish Basketballs exist.

Billed as “master-crafted leather basketballs,” the balls feature exquisite styling that make them look like fashion accessories, rendering them perfect for the baller who puts pride in his appearance on the court. Sure, your defense will still be nonexistent, your shooting percentage horrendous, and your game IQ lacking in sophistication, but you’ll easily be the sharpest-looking cat in the court with this ball in tow.


Eleven designs of Unofish Basketballs are available: Swamp Gator, Layup Serpent, The Natural, Gold Rush, The Crossing, Albino Gator, Tobacco Road, Recondo, The State, Black Komodo, and Crimson Croc. The names are based on the leather types and color schemes used on each ball. Black Komodo, for instance, uses two types of black leather – one that’s milled and another that’s beaded to resemble the komodo dragon’s skin. The Crimson Croc, on the other hand, combines crimson-colored alligator-embossed leather with black milled leather. All balls in the collection are made using Italian tumbled leather that’s milled in a traditional drum, with polyurethane rims in colors that accent the leather and complete the elegant appearance.


We’re not sure how well they’ll bounce compared to the Wilsons and Spaldings you regularly use, but it doesn’t really matter, because these Unofish Basketballs are designed elevate your game to Jordan levels in the style department. They’re available now, priced at $249 each.



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2 Responses

  1. Amy Pert

    These basketballs look really cool. I’m not too sure I could afford to splurge on a basketball like this. To me it’s not worth the price, but I can see some people getting into this. Thing is, the prices are pretty high. One of the Basketballs goes for $249 or so. That’s a lot imo. I sure hope no one plans to actually play with it.

  2. Tim

    Very cool look I agree, but the price is something that would deter most people. I wouldn’t want to use it if I paid that much for it and just throw it up on a shelf as a conversation piece if anything.


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