Urban Cultivator Home Is A Mini-Hydroponic System For Your Kitchen

Got extra space in the kitchen for a second dishwasher or similarly-sized appliance?  You might want to consider picking up the Urban Cultivator Home, a standalone indoor garden in a box.

Measuring 25 x 38 x 25 inches (w x h x d), it offers a convenient way to  grow herbs and small plants right inside the house.  Not only does it save you from the mess and dirt of conventional indoor gardens, it's small enough to position out of the way, too, like inside a cabinet or under a kitchen island.  Each unit comes with a detachable solid maple block top for blending with your kitchen and caster wheels for easy portability.

Aimed at urban dwellers wanting to plant their own herbs and vegetables for personal use, the Urban Cultivator Home is an enclosed hydrophonic system that lets you do the growing right from your kitchen.  That way, you can just pluck yourself some basil or rosemary right when you need it, instead of trying to find substitutes using all the processed powdered crap you have in your spice drawer.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into kitchens, it hooks up to your home's existing power and water systems just like your dishwasher.  It comes with built-in fans to manage air circulation and humidity, as well as an integrated computer that controls watering and light cycles.  All you need to do is add organic fertilizer once a week; otherwise, everything runs with no intervention necessary.

The Urban Cultivator Home is available now, with prices starting at $2,200.

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  1. Yyc herbalist

    I can confirm Jacks comments above.

    This unit has inadequate air flow and as a result if my ambient room temp is above 22 degrees it produces a lot of mold and rotten greens.

    The cost of the unit is so expensive, and so far it’s results really have made me upset.

    I can share my experience with the company: my concerns were addressed by Davin and the customer service rep quickly and with great interest to help. They were fast to send me out a sample pack of seeds to make me feel better after I called letting them know of the mold issues.

    I started having major buyers remorse when I found out the circuit board was defective and the unit would power itself off and back on. I emailed customer support and very quickly got an email from a very concerned Tarren Wolfe saying he’ll connect me with his Cheif Techology Officer Davin. Davin went the extra mile to send me a replacement board with some extras.

    Around this time my buyers remorse was hitting me hard, so I called the customer support inquiring to see if there was a money back garuntee, and left a message. Tarren Wolfe himself called me back urgently concerned about my questions. He assured me the product was rigorously tested, the design was good and that I shouldn’t be worried, that I should try growing sunflower sprouts because they’re fast and offered to send me sample seed sheets in the mail. He even confidently said “we don’t have a money back garuntee, but if you’re really unhappy we can worn something out”.

    Fast forward 2 months, an air conditioner and more mouldy trays and almost all of my seeds gone I tried to contact Tarren back, to voice my dissatisfaction with the product. He didn’t reply to any of my emails. Here is what I sent him:

    “Hi Tarren,

    You’ll remember we spoke about the cultivator my parents purchased for me, I think I’ve had it around a month and a half now. I have to be honest, it has really fallen way short of my expectations, and I’ve dedicated so much time to try and make it work for me and it’s just not working.

    I’ve had one successful tray of wheatgrass, and all other 7 or so trays have either rotted, wilted or moulded.

    I haven’t replaced the faulty main board yet, or installed any of the extra lights that Davin sent to me. The unit is still as it was when I originally received it. I’ve cleaned it out very well and it’s been kept virtually untouched in a low traffic room in my house.

    I’m hoping that I can return it. My parents are pretty disappointed, is your offer still good for us to work something out?”

    I understand he’s busy so I didn’t press when I didn’t get a reply. I sent this next a week or so later:

    “Hi Tarren,

    I was wondering if you have had any ideas about my request to Urban Cultivator regarding a return on my purchase?

    The unit is in as new condition, although a replacement main board will need to be installed as I have not attempted the replacement of the faulty board yet.”

    After no reply about another week later I sent this message:

    “Hey Tarren,

    I know you’re a busy guy, but I was wondering if you could help me out.”

    I then emailed Davin to ask if he could get Tarren to call me and as usual Davin replied back quickly wanting to help. Tarren called a few days later me from an area with bad reception, dropped the call and texted me saying he’d call back. I did manage to ask him if he’d gotten any of my previous emails. He said “no I haven’t read any of them”. A few days later I hadn’t received a call back so I sent this email to Davin and cc’ed Tarren:

    “Hi Davin,

    Could you ask Tarren to phone me please? I still have not spoken with him. I’ve been trying to reach him for over three weeks now.

    It’s regarding my parents purchase of the urban cultivator, I’m very dissatisfied with the product. Tarren offered to work out a refund for me if I really did not want it. I’ve spent almost all of my seeds, had little success and really has fallen very far short of “easily grow any plant”. I’ve spoken with someone else who purchased a residential unit years ago, she is also dissatisfied with it and thinks it was a total waste of money.

    I am very disappointed with the amount of money my parents lost by purchasing this product.

    I’ve had it emptied for over a month now, it still has the original defective circuit board inside. I did not install any of the extra lights or replacement circuit board you sent. It’s still in as new condition.”

    Almost immediately I received a reply from Tarren:

    “Kevin, I have no problem with taking a call. Last time we spoke it was breaking up and I didn’t hear back from you.

    At no time did I ever say I would give you a refund? Based on what merit? We have thousands of happy customers. We also offer 7 day a week support to ensure you have success.

    If you want to sell it, then you can do whatever you want but we are not that avenue. From what I am told, we have a high resale value.

    We have sent you several packages to try and appease you but you still seek cash. If you want help growing let me know, other than that, peace and best of luck.”

    I don’t know what option I have now, I can either try to make this product work for me and maybe will have some luck working with the customer support from Urban Cultivator.

    I’d like to hear some feedback, what do other people think about this situation?

    • Joan

      How did this work out? Not sure what country you bought it from, but generally the Consumer Protection Act guarantees your money back for defective products. I’m not a lawyer and would double-check this with one, but worth a try for such an expensive device! Also, curious to hear given this experience if you would still want to grow things indoors, what would you use, or what would you be looking for? I’m in the market for one myself…


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