US Canteen: Ditch Your Bottled Water In Style


Want to refrain from consuming disposable bottled water, but can't find an alternative that doesn't cramp your style? Try US Canteen, whose reusable contoured flasks let you carry much needed refreshment almost like you're wearing a new designer accessory.

As utilitarian as plastic bottles are, their unsavory effects on the environment are more pronounced than ever, spurring a good number of people to seek out better solutions, from boxed water to PET-recycling vending machines. The real solution, of course, is to dispense of PET bottles altogether and for folks to begin toting their own refillable water containers. Unlike typical reusable bottles that look like they're more at home in a child's lunch box than a fashionable adult's person, US Canteen's products bring style to eco-friendliness in droves.

Based on the U.S. Army’s old-school, one-quart, aluminum M1910 canteen, US Canteen's version redesigns the military-issue container into a chic and urban number. Too big to reasonably carry, they halved it into a more portable 25 ounces - just the perfect size to be hanging by a strap off one's shoulder. To maintain the sturdy character, the voguish water bottles are made from medical-grade stainless steel, with additional accoutrements to suit your particular needs.

The basic Canteen is a bare steel container that you can slot in a bag or carry by hand. To facilitate easier handling, they offer three main options that include a carrying container, namely the Como (based on the same shoulder-slung bags soldiers carried their bottles on), the Victoria (a stylish nylon bag with a holed flap) and the Bouchet (an elegant leather bag that houses the canteen safely). All three carriers come in various colors and designs.

With the fashion-friendly US Canteen, there's really no other reason to keep buying bottled water. Do you have anymore excuses? [US Canteen]

Update: You asked and we listened. Here are some deals on original US canteens.

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  1. Moe Dee

    Yeah right! They make their products in China, what a shell game… US in name only! Do yourself a favor and buy an actual surplus canteen for about 15$.

  2. Kat

    I just spoke to a representative from USCanteen. The label is misleading…the “us” is the personal pronoun and not the abbreviation for USA.

    The purpose of my call, however, was to ascertain the origin of manufacture. Sadly, and not surprising, the canteens are made in China.

    I expressed my disappointment. She stated it’s very expensive to manufacture products in America.

    So, the product is made on the cheap in a country not well known for its attention to customer safety and then sold in the U.S. at a steep mark-up?

    No thanks. (And, I second the comment made by Moe Dee.)

  3. Jeff_in_Hartford

    China; a country that just expressed its unwillingness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the G8 summit, thereby derailing the efforts of the REAL U.S. to clean up the planet.

    uscanteen claims to donate an undisclosed percentage of their profits to environmental causes. However, their profits are derived from products manufactured in a country that is one of the planet’s top polluters. Generate pollution to reduce pollution? Are we being hoodwinked by our own ethical desires? Is uscanteens going green or just banking it?

    Their products are pretty snazzy, though. Fashion usually comes at a price. I would have bought one, if it didn’t make me feel like a sucker.

  4. Xavier

    I prefer the Sigg, aluminium… recyclable and no lexan/Polycarbonate #7… coated. Nor is it heavy stainless steel. I know the Sigg is Swiss made NOT america; but it least it does not does not have a misleading name… and is suprisingly affordable.

  5. tominusa

    hmmm called uscanteen and made in China. Just the other day I was saying to someone that I would not buy Chinese made products for cooking that claimed to be food grade steel because I don’t trust their quality controls on the metal content. Plus I also don’t buy products from companies whose advertising is misleading. Plus these days I don’t want to buy made in China for 2 other reasons, listed in other posts. Also, these canteens are heavy. 5 strikes, and not even having to consider price.
    I think I’ll stick with my Tag and recycled plastic bottles for now.
    Maybe Uscanteen should just sell carriers for Tag bottles, made in USA.

  6. PowWow

    These people are really disgusting. “US Canteen” – but made in China! Somebody ought to sue them for false advertising.

  7. Shaun

    Why does the canteen I have show a number ‘129’ on the outside of the canvas holder?
    It is a 1943 vintage cap and bottle, does that mean the canvas holder is newer?
    The 129 does where the US is meant to be?

  8. Isha

    Even SIGG SS bottles are made in China. So, to trust a company is ultimately your choice. Based on SIGG and Nalgenes history, I would at least hope that their quality controls are up to snuff. But uscantenes? No. Simply because they do not state on their site where these bottles are made. (someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that) In my books, lying by omission of key facts is lying.

    At least they are honest when you call them. And it is true, it is much more expensive to manufacture steal wares in the USA. Notice that Nalgene manufactures its plastic BPA free bottles in the USA but the stainless steel models are manufactured in China. However I can’t imagine that it’s impossible to make a steel bottle in the USA! It’s just, I don’t think most of us could afford it. What would you be willing to pay for a USA made food grade steel bottle?

    But frankly they are definitely selling these things at a high markup and counting on “eco chic” trends to carry them through. 60$ for Chinese steel? No wonder they cut the price down to 30$ to be more in line with other higher steel bottle prices. The one nice thing is they offer a double walled option. But the kicker? I might be willing to pay 60$ to 100$ for it if it was manufactured in the USA or Canada. But not any time soon, my small, small mouth Nalgene works quite well. It is newer BPA free plastic. I’m careful not to put anything but water in it and to keep it out of heat and sun. Sometimes you have to weigh carefully what’s important to you. And for me, “local” and responsible was more important than steel. Purchasing is a choice and we do have the power to influence with our fistfuls of cash… Or in this economy, coins, lint and IOUs. 😉

    And remember, even if it’s made in the USA that doesn’t mean consumers should give companies a pass. Proof of standards and manufacturing go a long way. Everything that is manufactured causes pollution and waste and can be injurious. It’s a matter of how these effects are handled that is important.

  9. Art Hutchinson

    Yes, I read that it is undesirable to buy “Cheap Chinese” made products. However, as noted. The American manufactured ones cost more..a way lot more..and probably would not be purchased because of the price. We have met the ememy and he is us..Pogo comics..


    all yaneed is love and a .45

  10. Dana

    You know, clothing manufacturers say the same thing–that it’s way cheaper to make clothes in Asia than here. Jim Hightower pretty much debunked that one, at least with T-shirts. Sure, they pay less in labor over there, but they also have to pay for more shipping, so it pretty much balances out. And in the end, all this business being done in China when we’re hurting for jobs here, means that we won’t even be able to afford Chinese goods before long. They deliberately undervalue currency so that the U.S. is in constant debt to them. That’s the only reason their goods cost so much less. That’s cheating, and we shouldn’t support it.

    Somebody, please, have the cojones to set up manufacturing here. Don’t try to cheat the workers out of wages and benefits like American Apparel does (wow, that name is a joke)… just set things up here again and see what happens. It amazes me, there are such wealthy people in this country and what do they do with their money? Buy children in developing countries, and donate to museums that display rich people’s party clothes. Is it going to take a French-style revolution before people wake up?

  11. Linda Frank

    I have the US Canteen with a canvas like holder. What is the best way to wash it? By Hand? Machine? Thanks.

  12. as

    Yes just like American Apparel, made in California by the Mexican who are supporting legalizing 12 million illegals.


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