Use This Pizza Night Light To Fill Your Dreams With Cheese


I prefer my night lights small and inconspicuous, so I can keep them on the wall outlets without creating an eyesore. At least, that’s what I thought before I saw Kikkerland’s Pizza Night Light. I mean, of course, this is the night light my heart has always longed for.

Just like a delicious slice of pizza sparks the light in your soul, this night light uses pizza to light your way in the dark. Well, not real pizza, but a plastic pizza on a plastic plate that serves as a shade of sorts to the tiny LED inside. It’s totally conspicuous and absolutely adorable, making for a seriously fun accessory to lead your way to the bathroom during the wee hours of the night.


Designed by Steph Mantis, the Kikkerland Pizza Night Light is cast in the form of a delicious-looking slice of pizza on a white paper plate like you’ll get when buying a slice from the local pizzeria. It’s realistic-looking, too, although we’d probably have preferred something with more toppings we can sink our teeth into than a plain old cheese pizza. Granted, we don’t know if a night light that’s going to get you thinking of pizza at two in the morning is a good idea, but when it comes to pizza, we’d gladly try anything once. It measures 4.2 x 1.6 x 7.1 inches and comes with a 7W LED bulb.

Available now, the Kikkerland Pizza Night Light is priced at $6.

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  1. Noah

    Not sure how this would help my diet. I love my pizza and if I seen this pizza light every time I woke up then I would probably eat even more pizza.

    The pizza light is tacky. It would confuse my dog and my housekeeper. I’m not a fan of the pizza night light, but if you click on the Amazon link above you will see that it comes in other designs besides the pizza slice and they look much better.

    I like the over-sized look of the night light as opposed to something small, but the pizza slice isn’t that cool. The other designs I encourage you to check out as they look much better. I wish someone would release a motorcycle nightlight that is over-sized, I would actually really like that.


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