UX4 Kit Lets You Easily Build Durable Tables, Shelves, And More


It’s easy enough to build a table – if you have decent enough carpentry skills. If you don’t, it’s usually better to just pick one up from a store or get a tool-free DIY system like Floyd Legs. The UX4 Kit is a furniture system that lies somewhere in the middle of those three.

Similar to Floyd Legs, it’s a set of brackets that you attach to any slab of wood to turn it into a functional tabletop. Unlike it, the legs aren’t integrated into the bracket, so you’re not restricted to constructing a table in a specific height. Instead, it’s designed to work with any length of 2x4s, paving the way for more versatile furniture options.


The UX4 Kit consists of four brackets, each of which you can attach to a 2x4 to serve as legs for tables and standing shelves. Using it requires a screwdriver to permanently fasten the brackets both to the legs and to whatever surface you’re laying above it. Because they’re merely screwed in, the furniture should be easier to dismantle than conventional tables (just pick up a power drill and take them out), which should the brackets perfectly usable for a new project.


According to creators Swenyo, four brackets combined with 2x4s should be enough to build furniture that can handle around 400 pounds, making the system good enough to use with dining tables and bookshelves. Heck, it might even be able to handle a full-sized bed, although you’d probably want to add extra reinforcements for that one (like, I don’t know, an extra kit).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the UX4 Kit. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $55 (four brackets).

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  1. Ava

    Being one who is completely and utterly terrible at DIY products, you wouldn’t think a kit like this would capture my attention. However, they make everything look so simple. Because all you have to do is simply attach brackets to wood, there’s really no room to mess things up. Trust me, I have had my fair share of completely butchering pieces (don’t ask me how because I SWEAR I read the directions more than once) to the point that they would literally fall apart. It’s not a good look and it’s just not safe.
    I love that you can make the legs any height and shape you desire. Changing your mind isn’t a problem because dismantling sounds like an absolute breeze. I swear this invention was made for clumsy people like me in mind!

    • Henry

      I am awful with DIY projects too. Even just assembling an office chair I get confused though, so I hope the directions with this are better than the ones I seem to get. A few years ago I was assembling a padded rocking chair, there was a nut on the center on bottom and the dumb instructions said to turn it left, which confused me. “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosie” is how I remember it, but sure has heck, it was a reverse thread. There was absolutely no reason to use a reverse thread here except for trying to confuse Americans with instructions written in Chinese factories.

      The UX4 looks easy to use and reminds me of a Lego set for adults. Maybe a kit like this is overpriced for some carpenters, but since I have no mechanical skills I think it would be great. The powder-coated blue and orange brackets look real sharp. It will be interesting to check Youtube and see what type of projects people create using these once they get them in.

      I like to use coffee tables to rest my feet on a spill liquids on. To me a coffee table is a functional piece of furniture and not just “eye candy.” With a set of these brackets I could build a coffee table, use it and abuse it, then whenever it looked bad reuse the brackets with new wood and make a new coffee table for cheap.


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